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Madman: Christopher Ambrose

Another story of a madman, his lawyer and too much money. Meet Christopher Ambrose, a demented narcissist, self-denying homosexual, with less than high school level of maturity, masquerading as a father of three, special needs, adopted children, whom he enjoys torturing with the aid of his expensive lawyer, and doting GAL, in the perverted family court of Connecticut, before Judge Jane Grossman.

Christopher now lives in Madison, after filing for divorce and selling the marital home in Westport. He is the subject of an ongoing child sexual abuse investigation by Madison Detective William DeGoursey, who recently had the children examined at Yale Children’s Clinic, which resulted in an emergency seizure by child protection services of the Department of Children and Families, under the direction of supervisor Michelle Peterson and social worker Stacey Falk. Never a dull moment when an idiot with money retains Nancy Aldrich to drain family savings accounts for pseudo legal representation in family court. Christopher Ambrose says some rather nasty and unfounded things about the children’s mother, all written by his expensive Attorney Nancy Aldrich and filed with the court, on an ’emergency ex-parte’ basis after thirteen years of marriage, nine months of litigation, suddenly Attorney Aldrich and GAL Hurwitz find an ’emergency’! Oi vey, the jews are so obvious at being jewish.

Christopher Ambrose swears under penalty of perjury that mother is ‘unhinged and irrational’, her behavior is ‘increasingly erratic’, that his children hate him because of the mother, who alienates the children from him, and physically prevents him from hugging his kids. He further claims that mother ‘spreads falsehoods’ about him, that mother holds ‘fantastical and delusional beliefs’, the mother is ‘unable to parent’ or ‘co-operate’ with the father who is breaking up the family. The mother fails ‘to assure the children that they will be safe’ with the father they fear. It is all mom’s fault!!

Of course the drama was initiated by the $400/hr GAL, Jocelyn Hurwitz, who claimed to the court there was an urgent matter regarding the ‘safety’ of the children. See how the jew game is played? If children are ‘unsafe’, the matter is for the executive branch of government under state police powers, which is handled by Child Protective Services. In this case, the charade is merely to claim an urgent safety matter then schedule a hearing, rather than have the urgent safety matter addressed immediately thru CPS. Jews know all the tricks. Hurwitz was just setting up the steal to permanently take the kids away from mom, cut off her access and let psycho dad have his way with them, while Attorney Aldrich, and Hurwitz laugh all the way to the bank with family savings.

Right on cue, Judge Jane Kupson Grossman took the kids away from mom last April because of the feigned ’emergency’, resulting in complete isolation for over the last ten months … which is simple child abuse, denying a child motherly hugs, but Grossman is a jew and this is Connecticut Family Court. Needless to say, the children don’t love father anymore, they despise him for removing all the doorknobs in the house at 381 Horse Pond Road, with further threats of taking their bedroom doors off the hinges to prevent them hiding from him. He then placed listening devices in their rooms, which they found. Later he took away cell phones and cut off computer access, isolating the kids from their friends. Petty punishment is constant, as he intercepts letters, presents, and takes away personal possessions from the children because they are ‘lying’ about him! The psychological abuse by Christopher has resulted in suicidal ideations by two of the children. One child has been ‘cutting’ for the last eight months, for which the $400/hr jew GAL Hurwitz has said nothing to Judge Grossman. DCF thinks that is fine. Obviously it is normal to a jew like Hurwitz for a young goy girl to be cutting, just part of goy life in the Cesspool of Connecticut. The fact that the suicidal ideations, depression, and the cutting only started after the court ordered isolation in father’s care is of no concern for the court. Why should four legged calves of the goy need a mother?

The famous blog notes that the jews of family court will always traffic children, but the Department of Children and Families is responsible to protect these kids from abuse. DCF is run by the black retarded Vannessa Dorante, who abdicates her duties to children to the direction of the $400/hr jew GAL Hurwiz. DCF has seized the kids twice since they have been in the ‘care’ of the father, but each time, Hurwitz gets involved, directing supervisor Michelle Peterson to return the victims to the abusive father. See how child trafficking works in Corrupticut? Even DCF is part of it.

The famous blog notes that the sham of family court is overseen by big black boy CJ Richard Robinson of the judiciary, while black bitch Vannessa Dorante runs the child protective function of the executive branch. The children of Connecticut are betrayed by evil blackness which takes its direction from some pretty white jews.

Commissioner Vannessa Dorante, dumb nigger returns kids to abusive father for more psychological harm.
Cutting is just normal behavior in the eyes of Connecticut DCF, child talk of suicide is just lying, isolation from mother is a good thing per Judge Grossman and Commissioner Dorante. Niggers and jews, what a combination!!
Christopher Ambrose of Madison, loves his kids so much he has isolated them from everyone, including mom. Simple manifestation of his psychotic depressive behavior protected by the State.
Jew Jocelyn Hurwitz, charges $400/hr to ensure her wards are abused … classic pedophile!!!
The pathetic dyke like Jane Kupson Grossman, violates rights of mothers and children for the benefit of the demented. A professional child trafficker.
Victims of the pedophiles of Connecticut.