Ode to Jake Baker

What do you call a dozen Family Court Judges at the bottom of the Connecticut River downstream of the Middletown Courthouse?  Baby Aaden pool party?  How about a thousand GALs at the bottom of Long Island Sound?  Pollution problem….and a good start.  What about Dorothy dropping a house on Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto?  Everybody knows the world would be a better place if the present crop of inbred Connecticut Family Court players were eliminated…..so why is the state gestapo harassing its critics?  The jewish overlords upset by free speech?

The State Gestapo wiped its ass with the Bill of Rights once again.  Retarded wonders of law enforcement put the tax payer on the hook for the violation of civil rights of a citizen.  The arrest went down on Friday, over seven months from the ‘crime’ of putting graffiti on a fb wall.

Ode to Jake Baker, for whom writing of torturing and killing another citizen with hot curling iron, lighter fluid and a bonfire is federally protected speech.  See  U.S. v Baker.  No reason one cannot write about the demise of particularly offensive state employees in the same manner.  Could even discuss it with friends, take pictures and share recipes on how to barbecue such individuals.  Federal court said that was ok too, in U.S. v Valle.   Instructions on marinade, tenderizing, filleting, seasoning, roasting and basting a court employee is protected speech as determined by the federal court.

So, what are all these state employees doing reading other people’s facebook pages while they are on the clock?  These court clowns were not facebook friends of Mr. Ted.  But the taxpayer was being bilked for internet surfing by court staff?  Who ordered them to do it?  The judges?  The chief clerk?  Jonathon Fields, Esq.?  Why did the state gestapo have to go to New London to find a judge dumb enough to sign the warrant based on an affidavit citing free speech?   Connecticut wannabee’s just doing a remake of Elonis v. U.S. regarding fb rants?  Connecticut court clowns engage in psychological torture of citizens then relish in feeling scared because they think they have the right to abuse fellow citizens under the color of law?  Let’s face it folks, there are no professional players in Connecticut Courts, just bottom of the barrel garbage dump for players too ignorant to work in a real profession.  Time to block state computers from social media, just let them go home early, to watch Porn Hub on their own ISP.

Again, why were these clerks reading a facebook ‘wall’ during working hours?  They had orders from judges to check facebook and twitter accounts of people the judge did not like?  Is this in the job description?  The court employees forced themselves to look at something that had nothing to do with their jobs, then they get scared from reading words, so they called the police and cried, then seven months later a citizen is arrested on complaint of what exactly?

The rest of the story will play out that the State Police under the gestapo leadership of its pedophile protecting, human trafficking miscreant Alaric Fox had orders from the judge club to fuck up a citizen (four legged animal).  The investigator will be hung by his own affidavit, the prosecutor including Kevin Kane will be exposed for more constitutional failings and the jerk of a judge who signed the warrant will be exposed for his strange connections to dubious dealings in the state underworld.  Oh, what a boring story this will be.

In the meantime, patriots will look to Dorothy to bombard the state judiciary with affordable farm houses.  The Tree of Liberty will extend its roots for refreshment.  The tyrants will get their sic semper.  Liberty will be protected, the tax payers will end up with the bill and the judiciary will again fight the FOIA requests for the cookies on the court employees computers to show what our government really does on a daily basis.

So don’t forget to ask Colonel Asshole Alaric Fox what you are allowed to say, lest his flying monkeys find it ‘threatening in nature’….cause ‘mericans can kill kids in Syria, Afghanistan, Libya….but we can’t talk about a judicial barbeque, drowning nutty judges, burning corrupt courts.  We can bomb, kill, maim, injure, destroy everyone else’s stuff but we can’t even talk about doing the same to the cancer of our own government.  Is it really illegal to speak of advocacy, encouragement, inciting violence against persons and property of the second most corrupt government in the Union?  Corrupticut only bows to Illinois.  Or are Connecticut jewdicial masters just out to heard the goyim back into the correct pasture?

When the government no longer serves the needs of the people, it is the duty of the people to replace it; would that not entail burning it to the ground to make room for the replacement?  Dispatching its staff?  Is that purpose of the people not vested in the First and the Second Amendments?  Obviously the Second implies the right to bear flint to create the spark.

So before your next post, call the State Police, Major Speech Unit.  Get your freedom of expression approved by a terrorist with a badge, gun, attitude and very little intellect.

A true threat against the people and their Constitution, carries fear and disrupts society’s sense of safety and security, which is terrorism by jewish judges like David Gold whose Zionist agenda defeats the law of the land, he being a domestic enemy of the Constitution shall be pursued as such by patriots all.

Life, liberty and pursuit of all who threaten it.  The revolution is coming.