Zealous Mouk

Monday at 10am, Judge Moukawsher will step upon the public stage to drag Connecticut down the federal rabbit hole of liability for civil rights deprivations in betrayal of his oath of office. Everyone is invited to watch his flagrant demonstration of government tyranny, just click on the link here. Connecticut’s paedo form of government will be in splendid display.

Moukawsher The Terrible is going to attack mother’s lawyer in the Ambrose case for her ZEALOUS ADVOCACY in the adversarial domain of family court. Moukawsher ignores the child abuse of Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer inflicted by 626 days of forced isolation from mom ordered by jew Judge Grossman, enforced by jew Judge Adelman, based solely on the opinion of jew Dr. Jessica Caverly, as a form of therapy or something like that. Jews are never specific when raping childhood.

Mouk The Nut ignores the federal civil rights deprivation under Title II of the American’s with Disabilities Act. Jew Judge Grossman denies a liberty interest of children and mother based on non-medical opinion of jew Dr. Jessica Caverly, cuz mom is crazy, which puts the taxpayers on the liability hook for damages under federal law. Mouk also ignores child abuse laws and public policy on strong families, but Mouk is a paedophile, who pretends to be Catholic, having a hard-on for childhood rape. But hey, since when do jews like Nancy Aldrich, Jocelyn Hurwitz, Gerard Adelman, Jane Grossman, Holly Wetstone ever care about goy law? Raping children is all the rage and the jew will rape at will, even Moukawsher who merely executes jew instructions.

The purpose of the public flogging of an attorney who stands up to the jewish rape of childhood is a warning for all lawyers that such behavior against the jewish court of paedophilia will not be tolerated. Got it? Don’t think a law license permits attacking the jewdicial authority to rape. The goy are not allowed to employ lawyers in opposition to the supreme jewish rule over their four-legged calves.

The court is the alternative to violence. If Moukawsher crushes mother’s advocacy in the court process does he beg a .50 cal to the head? How else to resolve a dispute? Moukawsher is entering dangerous territory, from which he may never return. Sic semper evello mortem tyrannis!

Judge Moukawsher is the Blog star who gave name to SGT. Mouk the machine gunner from movie Full Metal Jacket who sprays rice paddies in the name of war. Judge Moukawsher incites imminent lawless actions by his attack on mom’s attorney. Moukawsher begs his own demise. He begs the court’s combustion. Processing judicial refreshment for the Tree of Liberty starts feet first into an industrial wood chipper.

Has Moukawsher chosen his hill to die on?