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Moukawsher’s Error

The now famous worst Blog takes this opportunity to identify Judge Moukawsher’s error in his disbarment drama of a zealous advocate pleading in rights of three kids and their mom.  The retarded Mouk twists reality into a fictional complaint of baseless accusations against the family court’s jewish players who cannot recognize rights of parties.  Mouk pretends he can’t see family court is a jewish cesspool of anti-Christian ideology singularly designed to destroy the concept of goy family, while trafficking children, a jewish delicacy of sexual deviancy.  But Mouk wields tyrannical wrath from the bench against advocates despised by the jew.

Quick recap is Judge Adelman had a conscience issue of such conflicted import in the Ambrose case that he asks Moukawsher to decide if he should be disqualified.  Given Adelmonster upholds Grossman’s forced isolation order on Mia, Matthew, Sawyer in deprivation of fundamental right to hug mom, it should be a no brainer for Mouk, the judge with no brains, to disqualify Adelman, declare a mistrial and set the kids free.  The legal construct is simple, Grossman denies kids’ right to maternal hugs, absent counsel for the children, no due process, a big constitutional no no.  The case is tossed off to Adelman who denies trial counsel for children deprived of rights without process.  Jew GAL Hurwitz is too incompetent to advise the court that her wards are suffering civil rights deprivations.  Conclusion:  Adelman, Grossman, Hurwitz all be disqualified for deprivation of fundamental rights.  So obvious, why did Mouk get it so wrong?  He a paedo too?

Unfortunately, judges in family court have no brains.  So Moukawsher’s error compounds the kids’ deprivation of rights, as well as mom’s.  Moukawsher so stupid that he cannot think outside the practice book, where he foolishly demands a disqual motion on Adelman.  Soliciting dq motions against other judges is beyond his jurisdiction.  Once the dq is filed, Mouk holds no jurisdiction to hear it, as it is solely the realm of the trial judge … which Mouk is not.  Oi vey, every time Mouk opens his mouth he fucks up, so retarded he thinks PB§1-22(b) referrals require a §1-23 motion, boy is fucked in the head.

The disbarment drama occurs while arguing the dq motion, which is not Mouk’s job.  He knows the kids are isolated, family court knows fundamental rights of Mia, Matthew, Sawyer, are trampled, kids lack counsel, Mouk excuses the GAL from hearing, all of which renders his drama void.  Mouk ignores the simple facts to proceed illegally in hearing for the sole purpose of attacking mother’s lawyer, providing warning to any other advocate who will argue for rights of children.  Well done Moukawsher!

Mouk’s court is a train wreck of process.  The Fourteenth Amendment has been shattered.  A zealous advocate is summarily disbarred in a hearing where Mouk holds no jurisdiction, where three judges and a GAL illegally deprived three children rights to mom hugs, done without representation, done in defiance of liberty; criminal conduct under 18 USC §241.  The tragic comedy is that Mouk claims JUST CAUSE to disbar the attorney who was pleading for mother’s hugs, a protected right, while Mouk failed to act in the best interest of the children.  Hilarious.  Mouk broke the law to disbar the annoying pest, zealously advocating for client rights; jews don’t like to be reminded that they are jews running a jew court.  Tyranny begs its own destruction.

Remember that Judge Robert Nastry noted in the Reich decision that ‘children have a fundamental right to hugs from parents’.  Blog psychology department diagnoses Moukawsher with liberty impairment syndrome, a pronounced psychosis of mother hatred, with domestic terror ideations, to the extent that CJ Robinson holds cause by Code of Judicial Conduct to remove Mouk from the bench for intensive in-patient high voltage electro-shock therapy, along with heavy medication to enhance his ability to read law and recognize reality.  What good is a family court judge who cannot recognize deprivation of child rights?  What good is Mouk?

The jig is up, the word is out, Moukawsher’s disbarment action obliterates court integrity, while reinforcing public opinion that family court cannot be trusted with children.  Absent instant remedy by CJ Robinson, patriots have cause for belt-fed ammo to eliminate the jewdicial authorities who rape childhood.  Life, liberty, and the pursuit of all who threaten it.  Sic Semper Tyrannis

Editor’s Note:   Mia, Matthew, Sawyer have been forcibly isolated from mom and extended family now for 790 days, no state interest, just jewdicial discretion, while Moukawsher slowly realizes he fucked up big time.