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Mouk’s Grandiose Delusion

Time again for the now-famous Blog of the Worst Kind to examine the demented dysfunctional mind of Judge Thomas Moukawsher of Connecticut Family Court. A tragic consequence of inbred selection criteria for judicial authorities in the nutmeg gulag. Moukawsher is a lowly trial court judge, bound by case law, where his twisted personal opinions do not apply, he is an administrator of justice, limited by law, bound by due process, constrained by equal protection, a trite task obstructed by his grandiose delusions of being a super judge, above all.  Mouk is just a crazy fuck, ruling out his ass in defiance of opinions of the U.S. Supreme Court. From his little perch on the backwater dias in Middletown, Mouk cannot recognize the law when he reads it in Blog! He be delusional.

Blog focuses on Mouk’s disbarment of a zealous advocate who rightly called out the jew family court for being jewish, raping childhood, plundering family bank, abusing process, denying rights … yada, yada, yada, facts all Blog readers know well. Family Court is a rabbinical court designed for plunder. Mouk is so deluded in comprehension of law, constitutional limits, personal grandiose belief in the mislabeled ‘honorable profession’ that disbarment is his singular remedy to advocacy disliked by the jews; fuck the First Amendment’s redress clause!  Trial judges are bound by case law, it is how the court system works in an orderly society, lest bullets fly. Mouk cannot recognize the ruling of SCOTUS in 1871 where disbarment be the last remedy sought.

A removal from the bar should therefore never be decreed where any punishment less severe — such as reprimand, temporary suspension, or fine — would accomplish the end desired.

The above opinion of the highest court in the land is repeated by Justice Simeon Baldwin of the Connecticut Supreme Court in 1906

To disbar an attorney is to deprive him of what, within the meaning of our constitutions of government, may fairly be regarded as property.

Mouk’s delusions of his judicial powers is blind to the reality that his vengeful wrath of summary disbarment is done in violation of the due process requirements of the Fourteenth Amendment, a crime under the enforcement statute 18 USC §242. Mouk is a delusional criminal, whose reckless behaviour scares the livin’ shit out of the public, left pondering calibre and quantity of ammo required to remedy the rogues in black. Mouk incites a free people to imminent lawless action, a retarded fool whose knowledge of law is limited to personal misinterpretation of practice rules, a clown unable to deal with corpus juris, a domestic enemy of the Constitution.

Moukawsher will be forever looking over his shoulder, wondering how many Patriots are tired of his shit.