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Attorney Kelly Ball

He’s Back!!!

    Woman beater, child predator, and Blog star Matthew Couloute is back in family court demanding sole custody of his abused daughter. He’s back to his old tricks of blaming everything wrong with his broken father-daughter relationship on others. Nothing is ever the fault of the great Couloute. Couloute and his buddy Attorney Ryan McGuigan left jew boy puppy cop, Brendan Danaher, hanging to face federal civil rights charges for perjury and falsifying information leading to the arrest of Couloute’s baby momma. He is out of friends in Connecticut, out of money in Georgia, out of work, feeds son of other baby momma with leftover food stamps, where the kid prefers… Read More »He’s Back!!!

    Spotlight: Dr. Frank Alabiso, Ph.D.

      Time to spotlight another jewish tool of the corrupt family court of Erie County, NY.  The famous case involving the amazing Matthew Condel Couloute takes another turn to the dark side. It is not enough that NYS Department of Social Services/Child Protection seized the sexually abuse Sophia Couloute and placed her in foster care for protection.  It is not enough that Buffalo Children’s Hospital determined Sophia is a victim of sexual abuse at the diseased appendage of Couloute.  The jew Judge Sharon LoVallo spits in the face of the state and orders Dr. Frank P. Alabiso, Ph.D. into the picture to further obscure the matter. Dr. Alabiso practices with a… Read More »Spotlight: Dr. Frank Alabiso, Ph.D.

      A Jew Judge Question

        Why are child custody evaluations ordered by judges with regularity when there is no scientific evidence or accepted protocol to validate the study? Let’s put this question directly to the jew judges of family court.  The scientific community holds standards and methods for studies, none exist for the court appointed evaluator.  There is no case law in the country that defines standards and methodology for a custody evaluation.  So how can the court order something that does not exist? Here come the jews.  Psychology is junk science.  Opinions, biases, prejudices all rolled into the meaningless term ‘psychology’.  The jews invented this tool of social engineering in their promotion of Sigmund… Read More »A Jew Judge Question

        AFC: Kelly Ball

          Time to turn the public spotlight on the malpractice and misconduct of a New York State, court appointed, attorney for the child, Kelly Lynn Ball of Buffalo.  A miscreant of a human, a penchant for sexual deviancy involving children, this mental retard partied through Michigan State until running out of beer money in 1990.  After failing at waiting tables in the seedy section of Allentown, she went to SUNY Buffalo Law School, which provides most of the incompetent legal stock for the Buffalo area.  There is just not a huge demand for dummies from a bottom tier law school.  Our nutjob Attorney Ball started out with the massive legal powerhouse… Read More »AFC: Kelly Ball

          Erie County Sheriff: Pedo Protectors

            The Erie County Sheriff, Timothy B. Howard is pedo muscle.  He personally oversaw the trafficking of Sophia Couloute back to the state certified child sexual abuser, the amazing Matthew Condel Couloute. Big tough little boy fucking Sheriff uses his badge, gun and attitude to drag little five-year old Sophia Couloute kicking and screaming back to the father who has no income, provides no medical insurance, refuses to pay child support as ordered by the court, drugs Sophia with an unnamed over the counter ucky tasting medicine which messes up her memory, never takes the kid to the doctor, no well child plan, leaves the kid at home alone or with… Read More »Erie County Sheriff: Pedo Protectors

            Cuomo Child Trafficker

              The New York pedophile machine is running smoothly, a seamless state agency that ensures little five year old girls are passed across state lines for sexual exploitation, under the watchful eye of the chief state child trafficker Governor Andrew Cuomo. The State Agency known as Office of Children and Family Services is a front to move children for the perverted pleasures of the pedo friends of Andy Cuomo.  This state agency made a finding that one little Sophia Couloute, is a victim of sexual abuse at the appendage of her father, Matthew Condel Couloute, Jr. of Cumming, Georgia.  The Empire state has classified this child as a victim of sexual… Read More »Cuomo Child Trafficker

              LoVallo’s Lies

                Time to take inventory of the facts before Judge Sharon LoVallo of Erie County Family Court of the Eighth Judicial District of New York State in the Couloute case.  A simple listing of the facts before the court with a comparison to the outcome of jewdicial orders proves LoVallo is trafficking Sofi Couloute at the direction of her pedo masters. First, we have a battered mother.  Beaten by Matthew Condel Couloute, the mother is officially a victim of domestic violence with the broken bones, bruises, lacerations and Couloute’s own personal form of psychological abuse.  Such evidence requires the court to keep the victim and child in safe haven with family… Read More »LoVallo’s Lies

                First Amendment Showdown

                  High noon, comes the family court showdown with the First Amendment.  Erie County court judge calls out the First Amendment for a shoot out of rights vs. tyranny.  The pedo protectors of the corrupt family court system are going to take on the Constitution and its First pesky amendment to show the peasants that they are powerless against the tyrants in black robes.  Shut up, get in the boxcar!! Our batshit ‘cray cray’ nutcase of a judge, Sharon LoVallo of Erie County Family Court of the New York Unified ISIS Sleeper Cell, has threatened to take a child away from a parent for the existence of this famous blog.  Yes,… Read More »First Amendment Showdown

                  Matthew Couloute Gets Bitch Slapped

                    The arrogant asshole known as Attorney Matthew Condel Couloute, licensed to practice law in the courts of New York State has been duly bitch slapped by Erie Family Court Magistrate Julie Dee for flagrant disobedience to court orders.  Couloute was ordered to file required financial disclosures with the court as the normal and customary requirements of state law.  He refused.  He was ordered to pay a nominal $100 a week to provide care for his daughter, Sofi Couloute, but he refused.  He spends most of his court time arguing that the First Amendment does not exist and that blogs prevent him from complying with court orders. Well, Magistrate Dee finally… Read More »Matthew Couloute Gets Bitch Slapped

                    Matthew Couloute: Con Man

                      Couloute’s peculiar demands for no financial disclosure and prohibition of mom taking daughter to doctor? Hiding what?