Erie County Sheriff: Pedo Protectors

The Erie County Sheriff, Timothy B. Howard is pedo muscle.  He personally oversaw the trafficking of Sophia Couloute back to the state certified child sexual abuser, the amazing Matthew Condel Couloute.

Big tough little boy fucking Sheriff uses his badge, gun and attitude to drag little five-year old Sophia Couloute kicking and screaming back to the father who has no income, provides no medical insurance, refuses to pay child support as ordered by the court, drugs Sophia with an unnamed over the counter ucky tasting medicine which messes up her memory, never takes the kid to the doctor, no well child plan, leaves the kid at home alone or with her twelve-year-old half brother Xavier, does not want mom to take the kid to the doctor, harasses NYS doctors who treat Sophia for severe respiratory infections caused by all the mold in his house in Cumming, Georgia.  Couloute is a monster with protection from high levels…ask the Governor.

But the kid is a revenue generator for Couloute and his pedo pals in Georgia.  He dresses her up in character outfits, drugs her, sells her performance, even on weeknights where she is too doped up the next day to go to school.

Couloute has been identified by New York State Child Protective Services as a sexual child abuser and Sophia is the victim.  It is criminal child endangerment for anyone to hand Sophia over to such a predator.  But Sheriff Timothy Pedo Howard is a puppet of the pedos and seizes the kid with Couloute by his side, arrests mother on false charges and presto, Sophia is back in Georgia turning tricks for her pedo dad and his pals.

Here is the mission statement of Sheriff Pedo Howard:  “To provide quality public safety services to our community by promoting a safe environment through police and citizen interaction, with an emphasis on integrity, fairness, and professionalism.”

It is of great interest to note that the amazing Matthew Couloute made his complaint that mom was improperly protecting Sophia to the West Seneca Police Department.  Chief Daniel Denz and his troops know Couloute’s game all too well.  Refused to take his complaint, informed Couloute it was a civil matter and genuinely applied the law to protect Sophia from Couloute’s diseased appendage.

But the pedo rings have their muscle. If WSPD was protecting Sophia, Sheriff Howard would seize her.  WSPD told Couloute to fuck off and Sheriff Howard invited Couloute to go on the raid to seize the pedo’s sex toy without a warrant.  Welcome to the pedo utopia of America, where little girls are trafficked across state lines by the muscle of sworn law enforcement officers….the thin blue line has a love for sexual activities with children.

Honk if you see an Erie County Sheriff Deputy….let them know their pedo game is exposed.

The State of New York cannot protect Sophia Couloute from sexual abuse.  Commissioner Sheila J. Poole knows Sophia is being trafficked, her department declared Matthew Couloute a sexual predator and identified the kid as a victim of sexual abuse.  Erie County DSS/CPS knows that Sophia has been drugged, Buffalo Children’s Hospital confirmed this and the sexual abuse.  Attorney Kelly Ball appointed by the court to represent Sophia does nothing to protect the child and wants the kid under the care of the sexual predator father.  Judge Sharon LoVallo is aware of the state’s finding but ignores it.  She knows Couloute needs the kid for revenue.  Attorney Beth DiPirro pretends to represent the mother, but is paid by the pedos to get the sex toy back to Atlanta.   Sheriff Howard acts exactly opposite to what West Seneca Police decided, under the same law.  Sheriff is pedo muscle, WSPD is not.

New York state law requires safe haven protection for the women that Matthew Condel Couloute beats up.  Mom has been beaten, broken and cut by Couloute, she is a victim of domestic violence by Couloute, but the Sheriff will seize the kid claiming kidnapping in violation of the law.  Pedo’s are above the law, Sheriff Howard is not law he is muscle.  What real man would take a sexually abused child from a beaten mother and give it to the perp?  A pedo sheriff.

Welcome to pedo ‘muricka, laws don’t matter and no one can hear the kids scream!!  Second Amendment is all that is left to protect our children.


Child Trafficking Commissioner of NY Children and Family Services Sheila J. Poole.

Sheriff Timothy Pedo Howard of Erie County New York.

The Amazing Matthew Couloute

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo approves child sexual exploitation.

Attorney Liz DiPirro, mother’ counsel who works for the dark side.

Matthew Couloute and kids

Annette, the next Couloute wife and fellow child abuser. Knows what is happening to Sophia.

Couloute arrest mug shot

Protected Attorney Ryan McQuigan.  Sophia can pick his dick out of a line up.

Where Sophia Couloute was examined and found to be a victim of sexual abuse by Matthew Couloute.


Judge Sharon LoVallo.  Jewish pedo judge trafficking children across state lines.