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He’s Back!!!

Woman beater, child predator, and Blog star Matthew Couloute is back in family court demanding sole custody of his abused daughter. He’s back to his old tricks of blaming everything wrong with his broken father-daughter relationship on others. Nothing is ever the fault of the great Couloute.

Couloute and his buddy Attorney Ryan McGuigan left jew boy puppy cop, Brendan Danaher, hanging to face federal civil rights charges for perjury and falsifying information leading to the arrest of Couloute’s baby momma. He is out of friends in Connecticut, out of money in Georgia, out of work, feeds son of other baby momma with leftover food stamps, where the kid prefers to live at mom’s place, as her air conditioner works, and the cable, internet and electric have not been shut off for non-payment. So why did Couloute’s name come up on the docket this past week for a hearing in Erie County Family Court?

Courthouse rumours circulated with the tag: ‘he’s back’. Couloute’s manliness of being a predator combined with his delusional psychosis of grandeur have boiled up to create a demand of sole custody and relocation to Georgia of his sexually abused daughter. Couloute’s delusion fails to recognize that he pimped, drugged, and manipulated her to pedo friends for cash. Couloute ignores the fact that his daughter can pick Ryan McGugian’s dick out of a lineup. His precious daughter is not enamored with the fact that daddy broke a bone beating up mommy. Or that daddy lied to Bloomfield Police to get mommy arrested and thrown in jail. Little kid and the entire courthouse knows all about Couloute and his perverted games.

Couloute has some reality issues to believe any kid wants to live in his pigpen of a house in Cumming, or be subject his mental defects that make him Blog famous. For all the damage he does to his own flesh and blood, it is strange that the state appointed attorney for his daughter, Kelly Ball, has not filed for a restraining order. Given that Ball appears to favor Couloute, abuses the child, and holds palpable hatred of the mother, it is obvious that a darker force is at play in snatching the child from safe haven to put her back to work for pimp dad.

Stay tuned, the matter is continued.

Baby Dragon games with Couloute and pals, pedophiles and predators are back in Erie County Family Court.