LoVallo’s Lies

Time to take inventory of the facts before Judge Sharon LoVallo of Erie County Family Court of the Eighth Judicial District of New York State in the Couloute case.  A simple listing of the facts before the court with a comparison to the outcome of jewdicial orders proves LoVallo is trafficking Sofi Couloute at the direction of her pedo masters.

First, we have a battered mother.  Beaten by Matthew Condel Couloute, the mother is officially a victim of domestic violence with the broken bones, bruises, lacerations and Couloute’s own personal form of psychological abuse.  Such evidence requires the court to keep the victim and child in safe haven with family and friends, support networks, etc.  But LoVallo, working for pedo masters uses state and federal funds to ignore state law DRL 75[2]:  ” It is the intent of the legislature in enacting this article to provide an effective mechanism to obtain and enforce orders of custody and visitation across state lines and to do so in a manner that ensures that the safety of the children is paramount and that victims of domestic violence and child abuse are protected.”

Needless to say mom and daughter Sofi get no protection.  Couloute even threatened to kill mother, but LoVallo refused to grant a restraining order against him.  LoVallo sends the kid to live with the perp in Cumming, Georgia.  No wonder LoVallo seals her courtroom and will not release transcripts to the media.  She wants to keep her child trafficking game out of the public eye.  Secrecy to cover a judge violating state law using state and federal funds while committing a federal crime of civil rights deprivation.  LoVallo is a criminal and a child trafficker, but she can’t hide it.

Second, LoVallo’s court holds evidence from the county Department of Social Services and from Children’s Hospital that Sofi is the victim of sexual abuse by Matthew Couloute and at least one of his friends.  But LoVallo sends the kid to live with the abuser.  Some really strange orders coming off this bench.

Third, LoVallo knows that she has duty to issue a proper child support order to provide for Sofi.  Pretty simple process, requires Couloute to file sworn financial disclosure, fill out some worksheets, crunch some numbers and come up with the state required support order.  But LoVallo refuses to address this simple duty of the court.  She knows that Couloute has a lot to hide and she has orders from above not to force disclosure as the financial fraud goes well beyond Couloute.  LoVallo is well aware that FSM Julie Dee issued a previous support order by allowing Couloute to avoid financial disclosure.  Even Connecticut Judge Sybil Richards protected Couloute from financial disclosures to preventing exposure of his untaxed money income.  So little girl does not get child support as the judge has to protect the money laundering scheme of daddy; rule of law suspended by order of LoVallo.

Fourth, LoVallo knows that Couloute moved to Georgia in October of ’16, but claimed residency in Connecticut in an attempt to defeat NY jurisdiction over the sexually abused child.  Couloute obtained a Georgia driver’s license on 28 December, but failed to surrender his Connecticut license.  He claimed to LoVallo and Carney that he lived in Bloomfield, Connecticut, which was his mother’s residence, while his CT license had an address in Fairfield.  He left out the part about a Georgia residence in Cumming.  Police caught up with him on this issue and he now has only the Georgia license; all of which being perjury by Couloute to the court; a felony.  LoVallo knows all of this, but won’t address the perjured claims of Couloute.  He is protected from way above Judge LoVallo.

Fifth, New York state child protective service has made formal determination of abuse of little Sofi, but the child was sent out of state by order of LoVallo.  The nut job is so delusional that she believes Couloute is employed in Georgia, but the court holds no evidence of such, nor was FSM Julie Dee able to obtain any evidence of employment, income or taxes.  Does not matter to LoVallo, she has direction from her masters to keep the sexually abused child under the control of the perp rather than afford any state protection as codified in statute.

Sixth, the child is so valuable that the State of Connecticut issued a felony arrest warrant against the mother to force her to surrender the child to the abuse monster.  New York law enforcement saw the scam and refused to execute the warrant.  Couloute even delivered a copy of the warrant personally to Erie County Sheriff.  Couloute is an alumn of Connecticut prosecutor’s club so he gets special treatment in arranging false arrests of his ex wife; courtesy of Bloomfield Police Chief Paul Hammick.  But once LoVallo realized that local police had no interest in playing Couloute’s game, ordered the arrest of the mother, without even having a copy of the warrant.  LoVallo threatened Sofi’s grandpa with incarceration until mother surrendered to the fraudulent warrant.  LoVallo orders what she wants, when she wants, but none of the orders comply with the law.  Needless to say, Connecticut passed the case through five of its own judges before dropping the false charges.  The arrest was exposed for the scam that it was.

Seventh,  Sofi lived for a year in safe haven near Buffalo, happy, healthy, slept well, etc.  She moves to Cumming, Georgia to live in mold infested house with Couloute.  House is owned by his mother and had been unoccupied for a period of over six years with no upkeep.  Sofi gets a respiratory infection.  But for some reason Sofi reports having to take yucky tasting medicine every night at bedtime.  Couloute will not disclose the name or the purpose of this foul tasting substance, but claims it is a generic over the counter medication for children…..which tastes yucky.  Strange side effects are headaches, loss of memory, failed motor control and dizziness.  NY CPS is well aware of this drugging, but LoVallo will hear none of it.  Needless to say, Couloute does not provide medical insurance for Sofi in Georgia, so there is no pediatrician monitoring this kid’s medication.  LoVallo knows this as well, but will do nothing to protect the child.

Eighth, LoVallo is on the warpath as the public has great interest in her twisted application of child protection laws.  Her favoritism of Matthew Couloute is shocking, but she does not want the public to know what she is doing.  She has threatened to punish a parent with loss of Sofi because the public has her chambers bugged and chatty clerks are leaking public information to the public.  Cruel and unusual punishment of parent by child is not allowed in America, but LoVallo is not American and her court does not fall under American law, it is pedo land.  She will violate her oath, abandon duties of her office, use state and federal money to commit constitutional violations to deliver a play toy to Couloute and his pals; Eighth Amendment be damned.

Ninth, LoVallo is so concerned for the child’s health, knowing that father does not maintain any health insurance on the child, issued an order preventing mother from taking Sofi to the doctor, or the dentist.  LoVallo knows to keep sexually abused kids away from mandatory reporters, she is even stupid enough to think the public won’t notice her game….silly judge, red flags are obvious.  Public observation of child traffickers in state court is a spectator sport.

Tenth, it is the law of the state that family court post judgment custody matter is public. New York Consolidated Laws, Judiciary Law, JUD § 4.  Sitting of courts to be public.  States:  The sittings of every court within this state shall be public, and every citizen may freely attend the same, except that in all proceedings and trials in cases for divorce, seduction, abortion, rape, assault with intent to commit rape, criminal sexual act, bastardy or filiation, the court may, in its discretion, exclude therefrom all persons who are not directly interested therein, excepting jurors, witnesses, and officers of the court.

So why does LoVallo seal the courtroom?  It is not a divorce case, not seduction, abortion, rape case.  LoVallo excludes, family and friends, aunts, uncles, grandparents of Sofi.  A public matter in a public forum, but held in secret against the law by a jewdicial terrorist engaged in trafficking a child at the direction of her pedophile overlords.

Most curious observation is that LoVallo is an employee of the State of New York with duties to protect children, but for Sofi Couloute, she is trafficking the child, insulating the perp father from compliance with each and every law associated with child support.  Very very strange.  LoVallo is even defeating the state’s actions to protect the child; strange?  Or not strange when it is known that Sofi Couloute is being used for financial gain of a very evil and sinister group of people who can suspend state law and control Judge LoVallo.

Most tragic observation is that courthouse rumours claim that even if LoVallo is hit by a bus, the other judges in the courthouse will act in the same manner; delivering children as instructed.  There is literally no protection for children in NY Family Court.  Sex toys will be stripped from mothers to feed the perverted appetites of people who can control the courts.  Even Attorney Kelly Ball, state funded counsel for the child is working to deliver the sex toy to the perverts, she is zealously advocating keeping the child out of safe haven, out of protection of NY authorities and under the captivity of the pedo monsters.  Attorney Ball does not want mom to take the kid to the doctor either.

Be scared, very very scared; even the feds are protecting LoVallo’s game, they are reading this blog as well.

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