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Here is a shout out to Julie and Arthur Renfrew of Oxford, Connecticut! Did you not get the memo on JOCELYN HURWITZ? Ok, you two clowns are getting a divorce, but are you stupid? You let Steve Dembo and Joyce Riccio talk you into an agreement to employ the evil child predator Jocelyn Hurwitz as a GAL? Are you both insane? Have you not been paying attention?

The public service department of the now-famous blog points out that JOCELYN HURWITZ of Cohen&Wolf is a danger to society. She does not practice law, she practices fleecing parents with ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY. The blog notes that she just filed an appearance in the Renfrew case, appointed by the retarded Judge Erika Tindill. Julie and Arthur are being played by two jewish lawyers to bring in a third jewish lawyer to drain every penny out of the Renfrew family bank. Did you get the volume discount to Jocelyn’s normal $500/hr rate? What magical legal services will be performed by this notorious child predator? Cash kickbacks to Tindill, commission payment for the appointment? Bring in a psychological evaluator like Dr. Caverly or Dr. Smith? Oh, this is going to be bad. Are the Renfrews so stupid that they cannot recognize they are being played? Riccio and Dembo are masters at dragging out litigation to maximize billable hours. When Jocelyn Hurwitz is brought in by the lecherous jew duo, there is high conflict, emotional distress, and big legal bills to come. Looks like Arthur moved for a GAL on advice of his idiot lawyer, because the GAL will label Julie as crazy and request a psyche eval and a custody evaluation to be done by a quackster buddy of Dembo. Attorney Riccio is just going to go along for the ride as the more conflict the more money, as she does not give a shit about her client, just another mother to be tossed under the buss to generate billable hours. Then the retarded nigger Judge Erika Tindill promotes the conflict, enabling the lawyers to devour another family. So obvious. So jewish.

Would someone in the neighborhood of 35 Freeman Road in Oxford knock on the door and warn the parents and the kids that the family is going to be raped. Maybe the local police can do a welfare check. Leave a warning on the phone 203 888 2760. Pass along all the articles on the infamous Jocelyn Hurwitz. Even the video! See the five parts (so far) in the FrankReport: Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4, Part5. If that is not enough to tell you to fire your lawyers, tell Jocelyn to fuck off, and settle your separation like parents (grown ups), then read all the famous-blog posts on Jocelyn: Predator, Extortion, Communist Court, Respected, Nasty Lawyers, Abuse Discretion, Shit Show, Circle Jerk, Money Game, Restraint, Predator, Muzzle, $100k GAL, Scam!

The spiritual staff in the blog’s theological department has prepared an effigy and matching voo doo dolls of Jocelyn Hurwitz, complete with pins and .308 ball ammunition. Chanting and ritual sacrifice under witchcraft clause of the religious freedom act is applied to protect the Renfrew family from becoming the next victim of the evil Jocelyn Hurwitz. May the dark spirits consume Hurwitz, may the children be protected.

Voo doo magic, to protect the children!

Editor’s Note: This case is highly suggestive of pedo activity. When Steve Dembo teams up with a dad, seeking sole custody, there is likely deviant behaviours involved, which is why Jocelyn is involved.