State Extortion

The over-educated blog staff has cause to explain the extortion racket run by the jewdiciary of Connecticut involving GAL fees. Recent publicity in the Ambrose case spotlights jew Attorney Jocelyn Hurwitz of the jewish law firm of Cohen&Wolf; her $180k+ worth of billed fees for providing nefarious legal representation of child’s best interest. No representation of due process, equal protection, or human decency, Jocelyn just represents the concept of best interests, not the children themselves. A jew scam.

The GAL appointment is made by the ‘discretion’ of the court; whatever da fuck that means in legal terms will never be known. But over-educated blog staff observe that GALs are never appointed for poor folk. ‘Spic boy, Judge Eddie Rodriquez, appointed jew girl Jocelyn in cahoots with jew girl Nancy Aldrich and racketeer Richard Callahan, over $180k later, the enlightened blog reader might ask: WHY? Read Jocelyn’s statement of services here. Jocelyn is simply being paid to traffic Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer to the pleasures of jewish pedos who like latino boys. Mom is maligned; dad and his pedo pals are protected. Even law enforcement follow Joceyn’s directives. Thin Blue Line of Madison Police goes straight up little boy ass. But the mechanics of why the GAL collects the big fee on behalf of jewdicial wallets is telling.

First and foremost is that the $180k is invisible to the taxman. The jews in the legislature set this up years ago, codified in state law, the court (jew judge) can order the parents to pay the GAL directly. This little money laundering gem was slipped into law in 1988, changing CGS §46b-62(a). Since colonial times, litigants were taxed directly for costs duly and properly incurred by the court; worked fine up until 1988, when the jews of the family court realized that state involvement in collecting fees allows for public scrutiny of fabricated GAL billings. The pesky 1099 issued by the state comptroller to the GAL left an audit trail the jews did not want. POOF! BOOM! Like magic the General Assembly provides the jewish relief to hide GAL fees from a curious public. Sovereign people slighted by their own elected representatives; a jewish masterpiece of undermining democracy.

Hiding the money from public scrutiny is a jewish necessity, but there was still the issue of the maligned parent suing the GAL. Bullets are cheaper and faster, but civilized society provides for tort against a jew GAL who traffics kids. Jews needed more protection, so in 2005 jew justices of the state supreme rabbinical court handed down ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY for jew lawyers acting as GALs. The jew GAL is now ‘untouchable’; bullets excepted. Jew justices Borden, Katz, and pals unanimously conferred this specific immunity on their Bar pets to keep the money flowing to jewidical wallets. Blog staff notes that little Christian appellate Justice Hennessy stated: “The immunity proposed by the majority for attorneys appointed to represent minors pursuant to § 45b-54 should be addressed to a lawmaking body. It is not our office to legislate!”

The jews of Connecticut family court could not rely on the legislature, populated with some Christians and Patriots, to confer ‘absolute immunity’ on the jew GAL scam, so they simply went to the high Rabbinical Court who dutifully handed down the requisite protection. Simple, but very, very jewish. Wait, there was one more slight problem with the GAL racket: COLLECTIONS. What if the goy parents refused to play along? What if a parent claimed there was no contract under which GAL services were provided? What if a parent claimed that the billing was fraudulent? What if an appeal was taken on the fees? What if a parent claims forced contracts are illegal in the land of the free and the home of anti-semites? Oi vey, the racket has a defect that needs fixing. What to do!!

JAIL! The jews of the judge club, recognizing the inherent powers of the court, decided that the jewdiciary would immediately jail any parent for non-payment of GAL fees. Boom! Problem solved. Jew GAL appears before the jewdicial authority with a wink and a nod, reports invoice is unpaid, meaning the judge is not going to get the cash commission, marshals stand at the ready with cuffs and leg irons, offending parent put in jail for contempt of court. No rights, no due process, no bail, no right to appeal, stuck in prison until the invoice is paid in full. Beautiful!

Appellate review is pointless as three panel stooges cannot review trial court discretion, that is the jewish privilege over the goy. DISCRETION, that which voids all laws and rights of the four legged animals and their pathetic calves.

Face it folks, the sovereign people of Connecticut have lost complete control of the state. They have fucked themselves for jewish pleasure. Jews in black robes, salaried by the people, use the court system as their private extortion apparatus. Jocelyn Hurwitz billing in the Ambrose case is totally fraudulent. Judges Rodriguez, Grossman, Welch, Adelman, and Albis operate the racket in full public view.

Blog notes that horse thieves and highway robbers were often hunted and hanged for their crimes. Horse was never raped, but the thief swung for it. Time to do the same for the thieves of family court? Who will protect the children?

Hang a few child predators, see what a difference a noose makes!
Thin Blue Line of Pedo Protection, Jack Dunn, Madison Connecticut Chief of Child Abuse.