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Well Respected?

Blog star jew judge of the Connecticut Family Court Gerard I. Adelman, the Dark Lord himself issued a ruling that the evil jew child trafficking court whore Attorney Jocelyn Hurwitz is WELL RESPECTED! He further states that jew girl Jocelyn protects the best interests of Matthew, Mia, and Sawyer Ambrose who have not hugged their mother in two years while bleeding their college savings dry. Note how jew Adelman compliments jew Jocelyn in a court decision to impress upon the goy the proper standards of child rape. All foolish goy take note that a ‘well respected’ GAL is a jew, dutifully fucking up a goy family, inflicting financial and emotional harm for the direct benefit of jew vultures of family court.

The now famous blog editors must disclaim that we just can’t make this shit up. It is written in an official decision of the third branch of government of the pedophile capital of America. Read Adelman’s words here. The editors note that Adelman suffers from a neurodegenerative disease where children caught up in his court wish him an immediate death, if COVID can’t take him out first.

Legal aficionados correctly observe that the judiciary holds no standard of ‘respect’ for slimy jew lawyers like Jocelyn Hurwitz. Adelman’s words of ‘well respected’ imply a scale of respect for child predators. Perhaps a jew like Attorney Steve Dembo is a ‘dis-respected’ child predator. Attorney Margaret Bozek being a ‘feared’ pedophile. Attorney Mary Brigham being a road kill nominee. Where is this evaluation system that allows jew Adelman to opine that jew Hurwitz is ‘well respected’? C’mon, this is a court of law, due process, equal protection and at least the appearance of competence is due a sovereign people. Who exactly respects Hurwitz? Matthew, Mia, and Sawyer hate her. She does not protect their best interests; she is draining family bank at $400/hr while attacking their mother to the pleasure of homo daddy Christopher Ambrose. Is she respected by the court for destroying another family and stealing bank? Is that what Adelman is trying to convey? The jew judges of family court respect Hurwitz for the rabbinical damage she can inflict on the goy, and the tax free kickbacks she can funnel under the bench? R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

Adelman’s cognitive dissonance is manifested in the claim that jew girl Jocelyn is some how protecting ‘best interests’ of three children. But in reality, Jocelyn protects the homo/pedo lifestyle of Christopher Ambrose and his love of barber shops with young latino boys. Keeping Mia, Matthew and Sawyer held captive by homo dad is only a pedo best interest. Jocelyn works for the dark side in ritual sacrifice of mother-child bonds for a fee, not to mention the doting respect of her jew pedo master Judge Gerard Adelman.

Jew child trafficking in family court is so commonplace that the judges expose it in written decisions, while complimenting fellow jews. Jews like Nancy Aldrich, Jocelyn Hurwitz, Gerard Adleman, Jessica Caverly, Jane Grossman enjoy a state sponsored fuck fest over minor children and family bank.

If you disrespect family court vultures, you are not a jew.

Homo pedo daddy respects Jocelyn Hurwitz
Bullets: Well respected among Patriots in protecting liberties.