The Adelman Shit Show

Here is a little exposure on the jewish form of trial court in the expensive process of obtaining a ‘no-fault’ divorce in Connecticut. Christopher Ambrose is now in his 95th week of pursuing the elusive ‘no-fault’ divorce, as such protracted litigation goes along with having family savings and jewish lawyers. The more money, the longer the jews take to decide how to issue the ‘no-fault’ divorce. Jew lawyers can only drain the family bank one billable hour at a time, so it usually takes two years to drain the first million, but requires assistance from a jew judge like Gerard Adelman who is presiding over the fifth week of a trial whose purpose is solely to run up billable hours for his fellow jews, Nancy Aldrich and Jocelyn Hurwitz. Adelman even ordered Hurwitz, the guardian ad litem to sit in the gallery for the entire trial, billing every hour. Both Adelman and Hurwitz ignore the fact that the kids, Mia, Matthew, Sawyer, have not hugged their mom in over a year. Adleman is not concerned, enjoys abusing the children and finds no reason that he should issue a visitation order, as there is a ‘momectomy’ in the works. Daddy Ambrose has peculiar deviant sexual interests for young boys and barbershops, for which huge legal fees purchase orders for his sole possession and use of the kids. Just another Connecticut pedo case before the Dark Lord himself.

The Ambrose trial has become an example of how not to conduct a divorce proceeding. The transcripts show nothing of legal merit. The court suffered through two weeks of Christopher Ambrose testimony on why he wants a divorce, being totally pointless, as no reasons are required for a homosexual male to obtain a divorce from a woman. The court does not need testimony, the marriage gets dissolved just by filing the papers. The extensive court theatrics are conducted by jew Nancy Aldrich at $650/hr, blessed by Adleman, who takes an under the bench commission for his exclusive attention. All while Hurwitz bills $400/hr for being a spectator. In the federal realm this is called racketeering, but in Connecticut it is labelled ‘best interest of the child’ by jewdicial discretion.

Of interesting constitutional note, jew boy Adelman has ruled that his courtroom will be closed to the public when jew pet Dr. Jessica Biren Caverly, Ph.D comes to testify about her personal opinion of cutting mom out of the lives of the children. Such isolation is child abuse under federal law, but in Connecticut it is just more ‘best interest of children’. Adelman claims that the privacy of the children is somehow more important than the public’s right to scrutiny of jewish child trafficking in a state court. The public is aware of Adleman’s sinister game to conceal the testimony of Dr. Caverly, which just raises a ‘red flag’ indicating that there is something to hide. How exactly does a court seal its evidence on which it will decide to traffic the kids to deviant dad? Caverly is already a target of malpractice in other divorce cases, for her professional incompetence as a ‘custody evaluator’; stepping into the courtroom again is only going to run up her own legal fees and bring down the wrath of an enlightened society upon her. (jews hate dat!). Given the public attention to her evaluations, it is doubtful that she will appear in any future family court case. She had to tell Judge Adelman that she was so scared by her new found fame that she had to install a new security system complete with motion detectors and video cameras. Not that such equipment will provide protection from karma.

Adelman puts the corruption of the family court on display for public inspection. His effort to hide matters from the public brings on more public interest. Complaints of public interest by charlatans like Caverly are of great curiosity. Do these vultures not realize they have stepped upon a stage before a critical audience? Adelman is working so hard to salvage what is essentially a mistrial for the benefit of the state pedo ring that he willfully acts to undermine the First Amendment. He is not even trying to hide it, being more fearful of his pedo masters who want the kids, than executing his sworn judicial duties. Looks like he is headed for a meltdown, while digging himself a deep, dark hole.

The great evil queen of family court, Judge Lynda Munro, once stated that ‘publicity is the price paid for litigation’. Given the 95 weeks of litigation, child trafficking, thievery, and judicial misconduct, there is going to be plenty of ‘publicity’.

It is of great public interest to note that Adelman’s child trafficking games are under the direct management of the black man in the black robe who pretends to be the Chief Justice of Connecticut: Richard Robinson. Yet in reality this dumb nigger is just a puppet to the same pedo masters who have use for the Ambrose kids.

Stay tuned sports fans. Three days of trial coming up this week, maybe Dr. Caverly will show up, maybe she won’t, maybe karma bites, in the end it won’t matter, the court lacks power to force kids to live with a deviant sexual child predator.

Dark Lord of Connecticut Pedophiles