Circle Jerk

Family Court of Connecticut tries to present itself as some forum of expertise regarding children caught up in divorce. In reality, it is a cesspool of professional con-artists, charlatans, and cheats. The State does not care if you are married, if you are gay, if you want to cut off your dick, if you have kids or don’t have kids, if you go to swinger clubs, snort coke; the State just wants you to pay your taxes and die. But walk into family court, the state wants to give you a lifestyle enema to generate revenue for the judges, lawyers, and nasty vendors who provide ‘expert’ services to prolong litigation for the benefit of the Bar Association (jews). The court is a scam where a gaggle of lawyers, judges, psychologists, trade organizations and even law schools join in a jewish circle jerk to fleece families. Here is how it works.

Take a look at a ‘custody evaluation’ by Dr. Jessica Biren Caverly, PhD, the darling professional pet of dirty judges like Grossman, Conroy, Adelman, Truglia, and Diana. She got her degree from a diploma mill out of Puerto Rico then came to Connecticut to be an instant expert in family court, like she was anointed by King Solomon himself. The written reports of her evaluations follow a template, at least sixty pages of single spaced history of everything, repetition of the pasts of all family members, every traffic ticket, family pet, altercation, etc., nothing relevant to obtaining a simple ‘no-fault’ divorce. But each eval has the same M.O. One parent is good despite defects, the other bad because of defects. The good parent always has money. The bad parent has a diagnosis, mental defect, mental health issues, should only have supervised visitation or no access to kids until more therapy is provided, more medications prescribed, more money paid, then the GAL needs to evaluate, six months or a year later, then more therapy, then maybe ‘reunification therapy’, then more litigation. The diagnoses are all the same, unspecified depression disorder, unspecified anxiety disorder, unspecified mental defect, borderline disorder, undiagnosed disorder or just mental health issues. But the evidence of the jewish circle jerk is found in the footnotes.

In a sixty page testimony to child isolation and parental character assassination, Dr. Caverly applies thirty footnotes. It almost looks professional for $200/page. Twenty-four footnotes reference manuals for administering quasi-psychological tests, which have no correlation to use in custody matters. Looks impressive to employ every type of multiple choice ‘test’ having no objective or published validity relating to divorce or child custody. This is her jewish trickery of implying that irrelevant multiple choice test scores support the final recommendation of isolating the kids from one parent. Nice try, but the footnotes betray the fact that there are no published studies based on clinical trials that support her form of ‘testing’ to support child isolation.

The next sixteen footnotes go to a most curious ‘professional’ forensics journal called Family Court Review. The circle jerk is exposed! This so called professional publication is produced by the notoriously jewish trade union, the AFCC. The vile den of jewish child predators who feed off the destruction of children in family courts. Note there is no AFCC chapter in Tokyo, Riyadh, Baghdad, Moscow, Mumbai, Dubai, but there is in Melbourne, Montreal, London, Auckland, and every state in USA. Quoting opinions from papers in a journal published by those who rig the divorce game to profit their members is a scam! But wait, the circle leads to a nefarious training camp for future family court lawyers in the bowels of Hofstra Law School located on the jewish end of Long Island. A washed up worthless faculty that is ranked #124 in the country. Here is the spawning center for future bottom feeders of family court, the Center for Children, Families, and the Law, a veritable yeshiva to train the next generation of legal paedo protectors and child traffickers, outside of public view and beyond the reach of state legislatures. The circle goes on! The editor of the AFCC publication cited in the impressive footnotes is a lawyer!!! Meet Professor Andrew Schepard, a jew with a law degree who can’t practice law for a living, so he teaches dumb kids how to make money in pointless custody fights fueled by fellow AFCC pals like Dr. Caverly. The whack nut professor is the Siben Distinguished Professor of Family Law funded by the jewish law firm of Siben & Siben, who provide jewish funding to the circle jerk. See how Dr. Caverly’s expertise in family court rests squarely on the funding and philosophy of jews, published in a rag, edited by a jew for the purpose of fleecing unsuspecting families drawn into fabricated custody fights, overseen by jew judges? The essence of family law is revealed.

Any wonder why the jew judges of Connecticut don’t want the jewish custody evaluation in the public domain? What if the public caught on that Dr. Caverly was a cog in the wheel of the illegal custody racket, that all her references pointed to another jewish opinion of what to do with goy kids, written by jews of the Frankfurt School, published by the AFCC, under fake editorial review of jew family court lawyers, by a jew run law school, to train more jew lawyers to damage children, in a mislabeled ‘center’, all funded by money laundered through a local jewish law firm, Siben & Siben. This is how experts are created for the goy in the rabbinical court of Connecticut.

Did you follow the jewish circle? Jews write the papers, endorse the papers, publish the papers, cite the papers, which the jew judges call ‘evidence’ to take the kid away from mom … how jewish.

The devil is in the details and the footnotes.