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The over-educated legal beagles on blog staff spotlight the fallacy of Connecticut’s claim of ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY held by GALs raping childhoods and looting family savings. The point of common law is that no private contractor can serve with such blessed immunity anywhere in the constitutional framework of government. Immunity is a privilege conferred by the legislature upon a governmental office in execution of a civic function. A guardian ad litem in a simple no-fault divorce does not execute a government function, it is not an office of the government, it is not regulated by ‘we the people’, it is merely a discretionary appointment for the convenience of the judge for a varied and rather undefined purpose. Divorces can be granted without a GAL, so it is not a necessary appointment.

All the fuss over the conduct of JOCELYN HURWITZ in the Ambrose case for her indecency as a GAL and her failure to advocate for the best interest of her wards, highlight the flaws in the construction of ‘absolute immunity’. Jocelyn appears in the Ambrose case under her personal juris number (#406765), but she is a ‘principal’ in a professional corporation named Cohen&Wolf, which is itself a licensed law firm (#010032), of which Ari Hoffman is the MANAGING PARTNER. Invoices for professional services are delivered on Cohen&Wolf letterhead, with payment made to the firm. The construction reveals that Ari Hoffman supervises services for fee to private persons through Jocelyn who pretends she is immune from all liability associated with the abuse of her wards. But Ari does not have immunity, nor does the corporation which is cashing pedo dad’s checks. The structure of the firm makes all the principals financially liable for the child abuse promoted by Jocelyn.

Jocelyn can parade around town with her immunity, but that won’t stop a state snow plow. Ari and the other firm principals cashing Chris Ambrose’s checks can be named as defendants in suit brought by Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer for intentional infliction of emotional distress and a litany of complaints against childhood and humanity. Oh, what fun! Wait until CohenWolf’s insurance carrier hears about this.

Time for the sovereign people of Connecticut to take back their government in the name of protecting the children from whores of the court like Jocelyn and Ari.

A road map for class action suit against Cohen&Wolf.
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