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Judge Erika Tindill: Full Retard

Time to spotlight more of the jewish stain on the Connecticut Family Court.  Judge Erika Tindill has gone full retard in setting new lows for the conduct of a court in these United States in the case of Battistotti v Aaronson out of Greenwich.  A black judge of curious background, claiming to have expertise in domestic violence, rape, all things black along with a unhealthy love of money, this miscreant in a black robe reveals how the family court traffics children for money…no law, just money.

The underlying case is of little import, Suzanne Aaronson, a Jewish American Princess out of Greenwich gets knocked up by her casual Italian love interest Marco Battistotti of New York City.  In early June of 2014, the adorable Italian-American bambino Leonard Michael Aaronson is born.  Less than a week later, Italian dad had to serve the jewish american princess with papers for custody/visitation, after all what Italian kid wants a last name of Aaronson when he can have a cool name like dad’s?  Italians rock!!!  Mom was such a bitch that she did not even identify cool Italian dad on the birth certificate. 

Enter the full retard nigger Judge Erika Tindill, and the kid is tossed into the cesspool of Connecticut Family Court, where the vultures circle in the lawyer’s lounge.  First order of business was to identify the assets available for plunder.  Cool Italian Dad earned about $175k a year, lived in a nice apartment just off Central Park, had a decent interior design/architect business; pretty lean fare for the legal vultures of family court.  Mom on the other hand had assets in the form of rich jewish parents…the scam was on, alarm bells went off in Judge Tindill’s courtroom, money to be made, feeding frenzy, a whale is had.  Mom would be played and money would be extracted, the kid becomes a side show.

In short, Tindill and company took over a half a million dollars out of Suzanne Aaronson’s parents in the form of fees for the legal vultures of family court.  Attorney Alicia Chalumeau a nigger lawyer from Norwalk of rather limited experience is Tindill’s present mule to carry away the cash.  As well Attorney Jacquelyn Conlon, of Westport, a white jew bitch is appointed by Tindill as guardian ad litem to suck another $75k out of dad; just for good measure and to provide under-the-bench judicial kickbacks.

Little Leonard is the youngest, most recent, most expensive trafficked child in Connecticut.  Tindill dragged out a simple custody/visitation issue of a bastard child for over two years….remember, to get a half a million, the case must be dragged out, billing at even $350 and hour takes 1,500 hours to get over the mark.  Judge Tindill knows how to cash out litigants for the benefit of her Bar buddies.  The ‘trial’ took place over ten days spread out over a year between May 2015 and May 2016. Speedy trial…not!  A trial that did not start until a year after dad filed, then was dragged out for another year…pretty obvious what Tindill and her pals were doing…raking in the cash.  As a side bonus, GAL Jacquelyn Conlon was happily billing away, paid to sit in the gallery during every day of trial, billing away hour after hour, including her trial prep time and travel to the court house.  What a scam!!!!!

Here is the outcome of Judge Tindill’s retarded ruling….read memo of decision here.  The retarded nigger bitch Tindill failed to properly fill out the child support worksheet, fucked up the child support order, refusing to admit her incompetence, forcing dad to go to the appellate court to have Judge Alvord to issue an opinion telling the nigger bitch she done fucked up.  This Tindill bitch is stupid.  But what is even more interesting is that momma has sole custody of little bambino…..but no reason is stated….other than the obvious, that $500k of legal fees buys what you want in Connecticut Family Court.  The next curious nigger order from Tindill is that cool Italian dad can only visit Italian bambino within the city limits of Greenwich for only 17 hours a week.  This red flag explains a lot.  The Greenwich Police are in on this.  Dad is a target, will be kept in a cage, the Thin Blue Pedo Line will be fucking dad up soon.  The family court cannot traffic little Leonard without Thin Blue muscle to beat up, arrest and jail the father, at the direction of judges like Tindill.  Greenwich Police Chief Jim Heavey is in on the trafficking operation, he arrested dad for no reason in 2014.  Given that Connecticut is pedo capital of America, Greenwich has a police chief who can silence the screams of raped children.

Tindill did not stop there.  She appointed Attorney Jacquelyn Conlon to remain the pedo state’s overseer of the family ad infinitum.  A guardian ad litem can only be appointed for the suit, once final judgment is issued, the guardian is terminated.  Not in nigger pedo retard court of Judge Tindill; Italian dad is under the thumb of white jew bitch Conlon, who will be charging over $350/hr to fuck him up.  Welcome to America!!!  Tindill further denied Italian dad access to the court, by ordering that he deal with bitch Conlon instead of being able to file papers like regular American white men, protected by the Constitution.  Then on top of that, just to show how a nigger retard can fuck with an Italian, she orders that mom and dad be subject to the control of a undefined ‘parenting co-ordinator’, for which dad will have to pay.  See the construction of Tindill’s orders, maximize extraction of dollars from dad, put him under the spotlight of the Greenwich police, make him subservient to Attorney Jacquelyn Conlon and a parenting co-ordinator, let the clock run for a bit then drag him back to court and cut off all access to his bambino.  Classic Connecticut!

Will little Leonard see his cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents in Italy?  Does he have an Italian passport?  Will he ever go to a Yankees game with his dad?  Of course not!!!! Nigger Erika Tindill is precise in preventing the Italian bambino from ever being a normal Italian kid with a cool Italian dad. 

For the more enlightened politico’s, the rantings of Emilie Munson are comical in twisting the story to make dad look like some domestic violence perp.  Fake news by Greenwich Time editor Thomas Mellana helps shape the altered reality of the pedo child trafficking game of Connecticut.  Note that mom Suzanne and Hearst Corporation, the publisher have a business relationship, not disclosed by Thomas or Emilie.   Is little bambino going to get raped in Greenwich, you bet!

See Emilie’s incompetent pedo article here.  She makes a father caring for his son, fighting for his son’s rights, out to be a stalker, by use of the court!!!  The Jews never stop.

Judge Tindill, nigger child trafficker.
Cool Italian Dad, Marco Battistotti, family court victim.
Thin Blue Pedo Protector, thug man, Chief James Heavey of Greenwich, arrested cool Italian dad once, will do it again and again!