Predator and Prey

Is life imitating art? Or art imitating life? Or is all just reality? Netflix provides a humourously dark treatment of a guardian scam that is near and dear to the scam of Connecticut GALs in the misnamed ‘family’ court. The movie “I Care A Lot” is disturbingly close to nutmeg reality. Let’s examine the parallels between this art form to the real life drama directed by Elliot Solomon.

In the movie, the main character, Marla Grayson, is a sharklike scum lawyer who sees herself as a predator and her clients as prey; money is the name of the game, legal services are a front, a person of no Christian values, who the audience loathes. In Connecticut, GALs are scum lawyers who prey on children to extract huge fees from family savings with no remorse, no concern, just a love of money, bribes, and kickbacks to the judge. It is interesting to note that in the movie, the evil judicial authority is played by a big black man in a black robe, just like Connecticut, where another big black man in a black robe presides over the same scam of unleashing legal predators on prey, in the name of the State. Does the art form reflect the evil of blackness in society? Does the art form reflect the public loathing for lawyers?

The art form portrays the lawyer providing needless, overpriced services, victimizing honest little folk, trapped by the court. In Connecticut, GALs provide needless representation of a fictitious ‘best interest’ of a ward at overpriced rates, victimizing parents and little children, trapped under the ‘discretion’ of a judge. The guardian in the art form and in reality is a parasite, fashioned on the jewish ethos of living off the backs and wallets of the host society, while contributing nothing in return.

In the art form, the guardian creates conflict where none exists. In life, the GAL creates conflict where none exists. The guardian is portrayed in the movie as a self-centered cunt of great self-importance who knows what is best for her wallet. Same can be said for Mary Brigham, Rosa Rebimbas, Ciel Gersten, Jocelyn Hurwitz, Margaret Bozek, Sharon Dornfeld, Kim Duell, Deb Gruen, Rhonda Morra, Stacey Nobles, Justine Rakich-Kelly, Veronica Reich, Kelly Babbit, Maureen Williams, et al. All predators certified by the jewdicial branch to prey on family savings accounts, just like the movie. Give Jocelyn Hurwitz a blonde dye job, a little styling, a better nose job, a vape pipe, a hot lesbo secretary and the movie could be set in the Bridgeport office of Cohen&Wolfe. Jocelyn is the lead character in reality, trafficking minors instead of warehousing old people.

The interwoven scam network in the movie is seen precisely in reality as the court recognized, evaluators, therapists, experts are all controlled by the guardians and the judges, just like the movie, there is lots of money flowing from the victims bank to vendor pockets, all blessed by the court. The similarity between the movie and reality comes directly from the court scam upon society. The screen writers only had to add the dark humour, the plot twists, and the ending. The happy ending of the movie being the focus of the now famous blog’s keen interest.

A happy and righteous ending is adapted to the screen to give the movie purpose. A gunshot out of the blue, by a disgruntled litigant delivers the final demise of the villainous leading lady. In reality, Connecticut is still waiting for a bullet to the the chest of its lead character.