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GAL Immunity Scam

For the more constitutionally inclined blog aficionados, here is the explanation on why the concept of immunity for the Connecticut guardian ad litem in a divorce proceeding is unconstitutional. Only the jews will twist application of jewdicial policy with legalistic argle bargle to produce the zionist decision of Carrubba v Moskowitz, which erroneously created immunity where none exists.

Jews like Borden and Katz want the simple minded goy to believe that due process of divorce requires a GAL as a ‘judicial function integral to the process’, but like slippery jews, they do not identify the ‘function’ of law which the GAL performs. The jewdiciary feigns a claim that the GAL is necessary for the court to dissolve a marriage, so therefore the appointed attorney must have immunity. However, the judicial process does not require anyone other than the judge to issue the administrative no-fault divorce, which cannot be withheld by the state; so there is no requirement for a GAL or immunity. Twisted jew speak is designed to confuse, so read that again, slowly. A GAL is not needed to affect a divorce.

The jew miscreants of the high bench further undermine parental standing in protection of a child by stating that parental interest is adverse to child’s interest, citing no basis for what is a jew defecation upon the goy. They then conclude that no parent may file suit on behalf of a child against a GAL. Read that one again, as well. The jewish logic becomes obvious and the goal of the jew court is to diminish the parental role in a Christian society. Like who else would sue the GAL for fucking over a kid by malpractice?

SCOTUS recently ruled that government officials are fair game in suit for damages for wrongs committed against citizens. The high court stated that there is no constitutional reason why the court should confer immunity where the statutes do not. If the legislature holds reason to shield a GAL from suit in a custody matter, then it is free to do so, but it has not done so since Connecticut became a state. In short, the evil GAL of the divorce game in Connecticut has never held immunity.

The famous blog suggests that Michael Meehan should be sued for malpractice and incompetence by a next friend of the five Dulos children. Next be Jocelyn Hurwitz for her present conduct in trafficking the Ambrose children. Then, bring suit against the devil’s sister herself, Mary Brigham, for the trafficking of Evie & Sofi Grohs, who have not seen their mother in years. Hang Brigham’s insurance company out to dry for her action to jail the mother in the Tittle case for not paying her ridiculous fees, in the name of best interest of her wards. Missing judge Maureen Murphy is ripe for suit for her conduct as GAL in the Liberti case, where Max was trafficked to the care and raping of his pedophile father, never to see his mother again. A most pointed tort is ripe for the Connecticut Children’s Law Center’s director Justine Rakich-Kelly, who allowed her wards to be used as weapons of punishment against their mother in the Bushey case, where she stood silent before Judge Wetstone who pronounced punishment on the mother by loss of her own kids, a constitutional violation of being cruel and unusual. Grab William Brown out of Woodbury for his malpractice resulting in the isolation of two boys from mom in the Gizzi case, another pedo father trick. Nail Veronica Reich for her fraudulent pleading in the Nowacki case. Icing would be taking Judge Barry Armata to task for being a GAL for twelve years on one drawn out case, which he billed horrifically, providing no professional service. Rosa Rebimbas of the judiciary committee herself can be collared in suit for working over Lulu’s mother at the direction of the dark lord Judge Gerard Adelman in the Stvan case. John Mager for damages to the girls in the D’Amato case. Steve Dembo has so much malpractice to his credit it would take an entire law firm to file the papers needed to hold him accountable for his malpractice over the years, along with the dirty Rhonda Morra, Margaret Bozek, Stacey Nobles, Ceil Gersten … the list goes on.

Anyone up for a class action against all the GALs who were ‘certified’ by the evil Lynda Munro training program, recovery in damages against individuals and the state for what is straight up racketeering? Open season!!! Diversity criteria, constitutional claim and $$$ amount would take the class to federal court!!

Connecticut GALs were designed by jewish judges to vacuum out family savings, kick it back to jewdicial pockets and hide the transaction from the IRS. There is no judicial function served by these low life attorneys. Time to bring out the knives and carve up some legal accountability, save the .50 cal to the head for the judges who try to protect their pets, or a .308 thru two panes of glass.

A final technical point which the jews of family court have obscured is that the state only has the ability to strip a parent of child custody to protect the child under parens patriae sovereign powers derived from the King. The jewdiciary of Connecticut has twisted this power to decide custody in a divorce action on the discretion of the jew in black for what is falsely labeled as the ‘best interest of the child’; a power that does not exist. The jews created no-fault divorce then applied jewdicial discretion to break up families, pitting parent against parent in the fabricated custody fight, which is nothing more than a money maker for some of the worst lawyers known to mankind. Jews are dangerous, when they hijack the powers of the state, they really do need a .50 cal to the head. A parental and patriotic duty.

The Dumb Nigger who presides over the racketeering, under the direction of the King Jew Elliot Solomon. Robinson just a jew’s bitch.
Time to spill some blood!