Nasty Lawyers

Time for another look at the nasty Connecticut lawyers behind another tragic ending to a family relations dispute. Sweet 7 year old Layla Malon is dead along with her mother Tracy Do, who suffered from the legal abuse brought on by father Eric J. Malon of Westport. Eric and Tracy have been together since 2004, bringing Layla and Alexis into the world, as unmarried parents. Then comes family court and the lecherous lawyers salivating at all the fat fees to be had for setting the parents into a litigious dog fight in three different courts: housing, civil, family. Triple the courts, triple the fees.

The sovereign people of Connecticut hold statute 46b-2 requiring all family relations matters be placed on the family docket first. But jew lawyers like blog famous Jocelyn Hurwitz of Cohen&Wolf know better. Playing Tracy and her bank accounts, Jocelyn teams up with Lori DaSilva-Fiano of ZNC Law to bury the parents in litigation in three different courts over the same issue, for the sole purpose of generating excessive legal fees, the sole purpose of the jewish practice of law. Most Connecticut litigants do not realize that lawyers work together to create pointless, prolonged litigation. Lawyers work for their wallets not their client’s interests.

What about the children? Short answer is that no one cares. Create conflict to make money, the jew lawyer’s creed! Agitate and litigate beyond the limits of humanity, then something snaps, tragedy occurs, then Jocelyn and Lori slither back to their holes from where they came claiming immunity for inflaming a delicate situation. Can’t touch a jew lawyer, can’t spotlight the inhumane jew conduct that causes tragedy. Can’t highlight the failure of due process, or the disregard for law. Just jews doing jewery on the goy. Dead kids are irrelevant.

Perhaps Lori and Jocelyn will mysteriously end up dead in a roadside ditch with unpaid invoices stuffed down their throats. Jews fleece too many clients, the word spreads. Fooling the goy comes with consequences. Just another public service message by the now famous blog to stay away from the jews at Cohen&Wolf. It might save your life!! Children’s too.

Layla Malon does not recommend Cohen&Wolf.