Abu$e of Discretion

The jewish form of family court does not rest on the rule of law, but the ‘discretion’ of the jewdicial authority. Equal protection does not apply, every divorce is different, no standard of best interest applies, it is all cleverly arranged to allow a jew in a black robe to wreak havoc on the goy, while siphoning family savings into jewish pockets. Discretion is simply the jewdicial power to plunder and loot private funds under the color of state law to benefit a chosen group admitted to the Bar.

There is no standard of ‘discretion’ in Connecticut. An appeal of a trial court order on custody, visitation, legal fees, GAL fees, division of assets, assumption of debts, hits a brick wall in Judge William Bright’s appellate approval chamber. The appellate court has its own game of thwarting claims of foul play in family court. It will not review an appeal of an order based on the discretion of the trial judge. Simple. The disingenuous jurists of the appellate court add a qualifier that only an ‘abuse of discretion’ can be reviewed. In common speak this means that a trial judge can do whatever he wants to the extent he doesn’t exceed that limit … what the fuck? The Orwellian double speak of Judge Billy Boy Bright and his bench of fools is astounding, but very very jewish.

So here is the test. Jew Judge Gerard Adelman applies his ‘discretion’ by ordering jew GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz to sit in the gallery and observe the entire Ambrose trial. The jew judge claims that the GAL needs to observe the entire trial, in case any evidence is presented that would change her jewish recommendations to cut mom out of the lives of the children forever, as Hurwitz previously arranged for complete isolation of the kids from mom and extended family for the last year with the aide of jew Judge Jane Grossman. Whaaaaat? The GAL, who bills $400/hr, has been involved in the case for over a year and a half, having collected over $100k in pre-trial activities, now needs to watch a trial to verify her unqualified jewish recommendations to destroy mother-child bonds? Is this for real? What form of discretion is being wielded from Adelman’s evil bench? Given the drawn out trial proceedings, the cost of this discretion is over $30,000.00. What legal service of sitting and watching is worth $30k? Is there a practice book procedure to have the GAL sit and bill? No, of course not! Is there case law that supports the GAL sitting and billing? No! Is there a limit to the billing? No, it is a simple trick of the thieves in black to reward their pets. Think Adelman is not going to get a chunk of that lucrative discretionary order? Of course he is, that is why he ordered it! Jewdicial kickbacks are well known in Corrupticut.

Back in 1866, long before jews hijacked the American legal system, the high court of California opined that discretion “is not a mental discretion, to be exercised ex gratia, but a legal discretion to be exercised in conformity with the spirit of the law, and in a manner to subserve, and not to impede or defeat, the ends of substantial justice. In a plain case this discretion has no office to perform, and its exercise is limited to doubtful cases where an impartial mind hesitates.” There is no spirit in Connecticut LAW requiring a huge expenditure of family savings to have nose-job jew girl Jocelyn Hurwitz sit and bill through the entire trial for a simple ‘no-fault’ divorce. No law applies, not even a practice rule. Adelman’s ‘sit and bill’ order is simply jewish ABUSE OF DISCRETION, which we all have come to recognize is the foundation of rulings in the cesspool of Connecticut Family Court. Just $$$$$$$!

Applying the old (non-jewish) legal concept of discretion to the ‘sit and bill’ order of Adelman, it is obvious that there is no ‘conformity to the spirit of the law’, just a jew game of running up the cost of a ‘no-fault’ divorce to benefit a jew’s wallet. The ‘sit and bill’ order does not promote a legal cause under state dissolution law, does not support substantial justice, violates equal protection and is nothing more than racketeering. Just how the jews run family court, hustle and thievery, in full public view, cloaked in best interest of children under the color of dissolution law.

A .50 cal anyone? Head shot?

William Bright Jr. overseeing family court discretion that profits his jewish pals of the Bar.