The $100k GAL

Here is a quick look at the money games played by family court of Connecticut by use the the notorious Guardian Ad Litem in a divorce matter and how lawyers and judges conspire to defeat the state statutes governing the role of the court appointee. Meet Attorney Jocelyn Hurwitz of the evil jewish law firm of Cohen&Wolf.

Jocelyn is the GAL in the Ambrose case, appointed in September of 2019 for three children for two unemployed parents. Jocelyn normally charges $500/hr for her jewdicial services, but she has graciously discounted her fee to $400, for no stated reason. Curious point is that state law applies a fee schedule for GALs based on parental combined income, so why are two unemployed parents paying $400/hr? A violation of state law? But approved by Judge Rodriguez? What is going on?

State law requires the court to issue a detailed order defining the scope of work to be provided by the GAL, there is no such order in the Ambrose case. It appears that Attorneys Nancy Aldrich, Richard Callahan, and Jocelyn Hurwitz have conspired to defeat state statute 46b-12, by making an agreement to ignore the law, which the judge approved. After all, laws are just for little people. Proper application of the law would have required the State to provide the GAL at a flat rate of $500 per child, provided by the Office of Public Defender. Interesting to note that Christopher Ambrose, represented by Attorney Nancy Aldrich never filed a financial affidavit with the court, so the court has no evidence of his income, but appointed a GAL charging $400/hr with no scope definition. The GAL was given a license to steal by the court and the steal is impressive.

From September 2019 on, Attorney Hurwitz has run up billable hours of over $100k. Pretty nice chunk of change for representing the ‘best interests’ of three kids who have been recently taken into state custody, placed in foster care by DCF, for protection from the bizarre behavior and sexual abuse of Christopher Ambrose. What is Jocelyn Hurwitz doing for this incredible sum of money? Take a look, here are her invoices. See any evidence of professional services? See any activities related to the best interests of the children? Even her secretary Kathy Tyszka is billing the family, which is not allowed by law. A simple no fault divorce matter has been strung out for a year and a half, draining the family assets, damaging the children, with no end in sight. A lawyer’s feeding frenzy, plundering and looting family assets to the detriment of the children. So jewish, so Connecticut!!!

As this famous blog has often noted, the efforts of the legislature to limit the family court’s ability to harm children is repeatedly thwarted by the judges themselves. Implement all the statutes imaginable and the jews of the Bar will find a way around it to plunder family savings to pay for their BMWs and coke habits. The Connecticut jewdiciary intentionally incites imminent lawless action against it, as it places itself above the power of the sovereign goy.

When peaceful reform is denied, when judges ignore the law, violent revolt is inevitable. Bullets will fly!

Jew GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz operating outside the law with the blessing of the court. $400/hr.
Ari Hoffman, Managing partner of Cohen&Wolf, oversees illegal conduct of fellow jew Jocelyn Hurwitz in the abuse of the Ambrose kids.
Mia, Matthew, Sawyer, wards of Jocelyn Hurwitz, abused by father Christopher Ambrose with jewish approval of Cohen&Wolf for $400/hr.
Dirty crooked pedophile loving Judge Eddie Rodriguez, child abuser and rogue jurist.