Adelman’s Money Game

The Dark Lord of Connecticut Family Court is being eaten away by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), but his jewish mind and keen sense of trickery are still working fine. Today Adelman ordered his pet jewish GAL to sit in the gallery of his private star chamber for the entire trial of the Ambrose case. Another public example of how jew judges work with jew lawyers to bleed family savings for no purpose in law.

Jocelyn Hurwitz is a jew family court lawyer who has been involved in some of the most child damaging cases in the pedo cesspool of Family Court over the years. Her law partner is the vile Jane Emons, the jew family court judge kicked off the bench by the legislature for abusing the goy. Jocelyn bills $400/hr to the depleted Ambrose savings bank for lecherous services of no definition. Her billings to date well exceed $100k for participating in protracted litigation over a simple ‘no-fault’ divorce that has been ongoing for 625 days. The tag team of jews include Judge Jane Grossman, jew attorney Nancy Aldrich, jew psychologist Jessica Caverly, and the wasting jew Judge Gerard I. Adelman.

True to form, Adelman ordered GAL Hurwitz to sit in the gallery for the entire trial. No legal purpose exists for a GAL to ‘sit, watch, and bill’, but the operative function is to bill … money, money, money is all that family court is about. Kids don’t matter, parents don’t matter, only money for members of the Bar and kickbacks to the judge. The trial is scheduled for eight days, which equates to over $25,000. Did you see the little sleight of hand, a simple order for the GAL to be present, no motion, notice, or claim of necessity, no argument before the court, results in twenty-five thousand tax free, unreported dollars flowing out of a private bank account to the jews of Adelman’s court, for absolutely no purpose at law. So jewish, so Connecticut. Any other country this would be called robbery, but in family court it is called discretion.

Jew Judges raping goy family bank accounts