Pleadings of a madman and his lawyer

What is the defect of the family court system which allows bludgeoning by proxy?  A father so unmanly as to need the services of an attorney to beat up the mother?  Psychological abuse is a form of domestic violence, employing a commissioner of the Superior Court of Connecticut to perpetrate such is cowardly.  Piling on by a GAL protected by immunity is jewdicial conspiracy.

We have our favourite dickhead Michael Fasano, Esq. filing insane motions asking the court to take the kids away from mom and cut off all visitation.  Yes, dickhead actually put his signature to this request on behalf of his demented, but wealthy client.  See motion for order .  The claim is based on a miraculous change in circumstances which has occurred in a space of two weeks, since the last hearing.  William Grohs and his dickhead lawyer claim mom has lost her marbles; the kids are being psychologically harmed and are in ‘immediate and present risk of physical and psychological harm’.  The kids are at such risk that the only remedy Billy Boy can think of is to isolate them from their mother.  A concept so un-American and so non-Christian as to confirm dad is either a non human space alien or jewish.  Such isolation of children is even prohibited by Prophet Mohammad.

Two perfectly normal, well-adjusted loving kids, being used as weapons of litigation in the court of pedo Judge Anna M. Ficeto.  The bribes must have been paid in advance for dickhead Fasano and his cancerous cunt sidekick GAL Mary Brigham to bring forth a claim to steal the kids and cut mom out of the picture.  Needless to say, poor folk don’t get this court service, it takes big bucks and Billie Boy has got millions.  He is now paying premium to bludgeon mom and traffic the children.

Stay tuned sports fans, the Connecticut pedo ring is pulling out all the stops.  Six years of post judgment litigation was just for fun.  Now the big money will be extracted, the bought judge will do her master’s bidding and two little girls will have their mother erased by the jewdicial discretion of the Connecticut Pedo Utopia.  Pleadings of a madman and his lawyer, along with lots of money, buys decisions for pedos in the cesspool of family court.

“Publicity is the price you pay for litigation” said Judge Lynda Munro.

A moment of silence in memory of a victim of child trafficking by Connecticut Pedo Family Court.  Rest in peace Jon Wiegand.   Pray that the Grohs girls don’t end up the same way.

Prison of Evie and Sofi Grohs.

Bill Grohs’ other side

Lost Kids. Evie and Sofi Grohs. Isolated from mother by jewish athority.

William Grohs the madmand

Wiiliam Grohs Aviation?

Dickhead Michael Fasano

Attorney Julie Fasano mother haterer

Fasano Family of Racketeers

Cunts of the court