Our dear friend and blogstar Annie Dranginis has outdone herself again! Under the guise of the practice of law, Annie attempts to shred the First Amendment in the name of Pullman&Comley to hide her courtroom antics from public scrutiny. Her excuse this time is that the INTERNET exists!

Jews are never ones for respecting the elements of the First Amendment. It gives the goyim freedom to express historic displeasure with the chosen ones. The practice of law that upholds such protections is just annoyance to Annie and her friends on the bench. Pullman&Comley Chairman ‘Timmay’ Shearin proudly leads his firm as a domestic enemy of the Constitution. Even Livia Barndollar, head of the firm’s family law practice can take pride in its ability to thwart the Bill of Rights in pleadings before chief child trafficker and pedophile protector Judge Michael Albis. After all, why should ‘we the people’ have cause to monitor the jewish pedophile operatives in the public forum of Superior Court, Family Division? What is Annie trying to hide this time?

The present drama centers on the well known case of Taupier v Taupier, where two gifts from God, Sarah and Gabriel have not been allowed to hug their dad in over two years by inaction of Judge Michael Albis. No reason given, just a jew thing played on goy and their four-legged calves. Albis the heretic issued an order in December 2018 to hold a hearing on the lack of dad hugs. The hearing is on for tomorrow, in Middletown, nine no-hug months later. Of great public interest is the fabricated foundation on which Annie will advocate for child abuse by isolation from father. Will it be the quackery of jewish psycho-babble by Dr. Bruce Freedman of Bloomfield? What amazing ‘evidence’ will be presented to the pedo court to keep father and children apart, with absolutely no interest by the State itself? Annie does not want her secretive ‘evidence’ provided to the court to be known to the public….it’s a jewish secret!!!

For the more legal minded afficianadoes who appreciate the finer points of Family Court due process failures, Annie is pleading for a gag order which the court lacks legal authority to issue. She knows this, but she also knows that Judge Michael Albis is a pedo pawn under the control of the state’s family court pedophile mafia….law does not matter. Annie wants to keep ‘evidence’ hidden from the public. A very bizarre claim even for the old Pedo Battle Axe herself. Annie also claims that the internet exists and that the public is watching this case….imagine that? But the funniest part is that she claims for a ‘protective order’ under Practice Book Section 13-5, which is only for discovery actions, not a trial proceeding. She wants to prevent dad from sharing his experience in family court. Why does Annie not just shoot dad if he is so inconvenient to her practice of family law?

Annie claims in her pleading that there is inherent power of the court to gag only dad because the internet exists…a frivolous pleading indeed! Public scrutiny of child trafficking courts is a public right protected under the First Amendment, which really pisses off the jews. Blog cannot make this shit up. Read her insane pleading here. Note it is on Pullman&Comley stationery. It is what sets the jew law firm ‘apart‘! Even the court’s own rules prohibit secretive tribunals. There is a presumption that court proceedings shall be open to the public; PB 25-59. All documents filed with the court are to be available to the public; PB 25-59A. So bring popcorn, the proceeding on Tuesday at 2:00pm is open to the public, along with the court file and all evidence presented. Come one, come all, to the most insane show on earth, under the Big Top with circus master Albis himself! Find out how the jews separate parents from children, how rule of law is replaced with rule of Talmud. See Judge Albis tremble in the presence of Annie the Grande Dame of Child Trafficking!!! Tomorrow, Tuesday at 2:00pm, the blog will be watching!!

Editor’s Note: Annie is bloglicious, she will always have a special place in the blog and in the hearts and minds of the children she has destroyed, even her own.

The evil Annie Dranginis, just ugly and nasty!
Livia Barndollar, head of family law practice at Pullman&Comley
‘Timmay’ Shearin, chair of Pullman&Comley
Jewdicial victims, kids with no dad hugs.
Ringmaster of Family Court Circus in Connecticut
Bring popcorn!!!