Cancerous Mary Brigham

It is time of an ode of farewell to the cancerous legal leech known as Mary Piscatelli Brigham.  From christian beginnings, graduate of a catholic high school in Waterbury, where none of Christ’s teachings made any impression on her, she migrated to the dark side under the jewish tutelage of crony family court judges.  Her education at Tufts did nothing to defrost this miscreant’s ice cold soul.  The devil sealed the deal when she graduated from Syracuse with a law degree.  Bounced around from one law firm to another, never rising to partner track, she was forced to hang out her own shingle, slopping at the trough of college savings accounts handed out by jewish judges raping children for profit.  Attorney Brigham’s black heart was the devil’s delight for the family court of plunder and child trafficking.  She became an instant star to perverted judges like Robert Resha, Lloyd Cutsumpas, Maureen Murphy, Lynda Munro and even the dark lord himself, Gerard Adelman.

Of course, she was always a terrible lawyer.  Incompetent, bumbling idiot parading as a expert charlatan of law to unsuspecting citizens of Litchfield, Waterbury, Woodbury and surrounds.  But the money flowed from lucrative, bill at will, appointments by her jewish masters of family court.  GAL appointments lavished upon her, for her loyalty, trustworthiness and ability to share her gains with the doting judges….tax free of course.

But a nasty evil bitch she was.  She was so skillful at fanning flames of conflict in family matters, that she was soon the preferred GAL for any family with money.  Lawyers like Rosemary Giuliano, family court inside player, brought Brigham in on the Tittle case.  Dr. Tittle, being a thoracic surgeon, large bank account, substance abuse problem, traffic issues and a narcissistic desire to erase his second wife and mother of two of his kids through divorce proceedings, needed a GAL to destroy the mother.  No one was going to make money facing reality of the father’s situation, so mother had to be destroyed.

Our beloved Mary Brigham was so skillful in settling round one of the divorce by agreement.  The litigants were played, the judge was in on it, Mary Giuliano was billing huge, Brigham was raking in easy money.  The mother even thought the child support, alimony, property division and visitation arrangements were wonderful.  They were, but they were not going to last.

Making so much money off of the Tittle divorce on round one, the lawyers, judges and court vendors could not wait for round two.  The classic post judgment play was on, wait for the ink to dry then drag everyone back to the courthouse for modification fuck fest.  Soon the docket exploded with motions.  Brigham who claimed to have successfully brokered the divorce in the best interest of the children was now back before the court claiming the mother was evil, kids had to be isolated, alimony needed to be cancelled.  No need for Dr. Tittle to pay alimony to a mother when it can go to the pockets of the lawyers with commissions paid under the bench to the judge.  It takes a judge to undo everything that was done before.  No problem,  Judge Lloyd Cutsumpas divorced the couple by stipulation in March of 2011.  Judge Lynda Munro reopens judgment a few months later and starts a new divorce proceeding which runs for another five years.  Brigham is billing hours left and right, she even bills hours for driving, very slowly, from Waterbury to Judge Munro’s lair in Middletown.  Have to move the case to Munro’s private dungeon to extract every last dime out of Dr. Tittle.  He has to pay dearly to vacate the alimony and child support.  With his peccadillos there is perverted necessity to cut mom out of the kids lives.  Munro, Brigham and Giuliano know the prices and the players.  Judgement delivered.

But now it is time to say goodbye to the devil’s daughter.  The cancerous miscreant of family court has fallen victim to karma.  The cancer of the court crawled up the cunt’s cunt and is destroying her from the bottom up.  A wretched life of vindictive pleasures for profit played out on unsuspecting families under the watchful jewish eyes of Connecticut family court judges.  The financially destroyed goyim,  bled by one billable hour at a time are the only testament to Brigham’s professional existence.  Now, withering away, a hospice bed to rest upon, contemplating a pathetic life not worth living, a dying whore of the court.  Time to leave the planet, the devil’s ransom is due.

Obviously, GAL immunity has its limits.

The court will be a better place without her.  Goodbye Attorney Mary Brigham,  may the devil keep you.

2 thoughts on “Cancerous Mary Brigham”

  1. I would wish every form of pain she would find unbearable, until she kills herself and all the mothers who she has robbed of assets, all the children she has robbed of mothers. I wish any torment she would find unrelenting agonizing misery. I wish she murders her own grandchildren. Why don’t people complain to AG and DOJ? Sue this evil CUNextTuesday?

  2. Dear God – I don’t wish cancer on anybody, even MPB, but I agree 100% of your assessment of her. She was willing to destroy a family, a separating couple with a toddler for $$$. She took advantage of the intense emotions and heartache both parents suffered during this time, taking every word of the husband, and giving the mother nothing.

    I’m a normal person. Just take it as true for the sake of this comment. But she was fighting for me to have NO custody of my daughter. Not even legal. If I hadnt FOUGHT as hard as I did, my daughter could not have turned out as the brilliant, generous, successful young who never gave us one problem in our lives. Mob had NO problem letfing her grow up without HER MOTHER.
    She wasn’t smart enough to know that couples fight during this time??? It’s a CUSTODY battle. And I know I wasn’t the only woman she did this to. I remember writing her an email suggesting to her that she shoukd not be in family law.

    My ex husband is in my home at this very moment assembling a cupboard for my craft room. Here with my partner who 20 years ago my ex woukd have destroyed if he could. We have Holidays together. The 3 of us raised our daughter together and there is appreciation between all of us. No thanks to Mary Brigham. Sure it took some time to get to this point, but lord knows if I woukd even be alive today if I had given in to her. Seriously. remember her telling me I shouldn’t fight (I represented myself) as I woukd have no chance because she would RULE against me. I called her out on that. “Rule? You’re not the judge”
    So we’re paying for this “GAL” who’s trying to take my baby from me, and at the same time, the family relations officer conducted an thouroygh and intense investigation into our lives, interviewing several witnesses. It was very flattering to me as she included my civic accomplishments as well as my musical. It was positive for husband as well (though I had so many more people vouching for me as well as positive documents, letters, newspaper articals). At the end she recommended EQUAL SHARED CUSTODY. And it’s shameful that these 2 intelligent, lovinf parents are in such bitter dispute. Shouldn’t that have meant something to MPB? I remember looking forward to my first meeting w her, assuming and expecting we’d have a civil professional discussion on how best to proceed for my daughter. Instead I soon realized that she had already formed a very negative assessment of me.

    On sept 11 2001 around 9:40 or so in the morning, when the country in concerned about our nations safety and security, she’s calling me at work asking if I had said something about my tits during an exchange. (Omg, exchanges were horrible experience fir our daughter). So embarrassed I said “no”. I then called her and said “yea, I made a remark….”. So she used THIS to accuse me as a liar, and I should not be believed. TITS!!!

    She fueled and fanned the flames of our (husband and I) intense, difficult, contentious situation. Disgusting. My partner always commented that he expected that she would end up getting her legs broken by a disgruntled man or woman. How she interfered where she had no business. Giving me a GD curfew of how late I could entertain male company when my dsighted was there.

    Well, I got my bill excused in bankruptcy. She would say “you can’t put my bill in bankruptcy court because it’s considered child support”

    She left both parents broke and broken. But we eventually worked it out, proving that she was full of _hit.
    I think of her often. Even today before I read this thing “what she would have to say now seeing us all getting along and how well our daughter turned out.” Again, proving that if she approached this case with empathy and any sign of a heart, she could have avoided a lot of heartache and hardship for a family in trouble.

    I’m sorry MBP is sick, but I’m overjoyed to know that my feelings and assessment of her were justified.

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