Ficeto Threat

Judge Anna Ficeto shows her true self from the bench today in the ongoing child snatching case of Evie and Sofie Grohs of Watertown. The court of satan prevents the children from hugging their mother without stating a reason. Mother’s demand for proper visitation has been pending before the court for FOUR years. Evil Judge Ficeto toys with mother, now threatening to dismiss mother’s pleadings if she does not comply with the evil games of family services supervisor Kathleen Montano and child predator Katie O’Connor. The pedo games of Connecticut are in full public view in Waterbury JD.

It is public knowledge that Evie and Sophie are victims of child abuse at the hand of Vicki Frenzel, the white trash hairdresser who claims the mother causes psychological harm to the children of dead William Grohs. Under common law, Vicki’s accusation against the mother is defamation. In Connecticut, it is how jew Attorney Steve Levi works to steal children and trust funds. Vicki is a threat to the children, a danger to society, and a witch, for whom a Salem tribunal would burn at the stake. But white trash is white trash and Vicki would be back in the trailer park if not for living off the children’s trust funds.

The miscreant state employees cannot perform their simple job functions. Kathleen Montano ($128k/yr) failed to make the mandatory report of child abuse to DCF required under law. Rather she declined to perform her job. Judge Ficeto ordered the matter back to Montano who now must inform DCF that Evie and Sofie Grohs are victims of child abuse, by forced isolation from their mother by Vicki Frenzel. Note Vicki and the kids live at 227 Woodbury Road, Watertown. Screams of the girls cannot be heard from the street as they are being medicated to control their emotions of being held prisoner. Family services case worker Katie O’Connor ($95k/yr) sat in the courtroom today, saying nothing of the child abuse to the vindictive Ficeto whose verbal abuse of the mother was anything but judicial. The monster in the black robe has orders from above to keep the girls drugged and isolated from their mother and entire extended maternal family so that the trust funds can be drained by the Waterbury court mafia. Money is the true god worshiped by the jews.

The now-famous blog must highlight the fact that Robert Ficeto sleeps in the same bed as Anna Ficeto, a pedophile lover who finds comfort in the presence of a child rapist. How these people find each other is a human curiosity. Society should be scared of the monsters who live at 13 Diamond Rock Rd in Wolcott. Avoid the basement for sure.

Judge Ficeto knows that the family relations staff are mandatory reporters, who have failed to report the abuse of Sofie and Evie. Instead of taking action to comply with the law, Ficeto threatened the mother with dismissing her pleadings because incompetent state employees cannot do their jobs. Amazing demonstration of a demented judge abandoning duties for the pleasure of mother hating, a pronounce theme of the Connecticut family court.

The public is most curious as to why the big nigger, Chief Justice Richard Robinson, allows such conduct in his court system? Does the nigger condone white child abuse while marching in BLM parades burning cities across the country? Is abuse of white mothers this nigger boy’s way of claiming reparations for his years of enslavement, forced to pick cotton by his jewish owners? The public has cause to understand what form of law is being applied by the nigger over the white children of Connecticut.

Drama continues, the court rape of Evie and Sophie goes into its fifth year. The court has directed that Kathleen Montano perform her job duties, which requires her to notify DCF of child abuse. Think that moron could do that simple task for her excessive salary? Or is Montano just another child predator paid by the state to rape children?

It is pretty clear that judges like Ficeto, Grossman, Adelman, Robison, Coleman, Wetstone, Diana, Albis all beg .50 cal to the head, as tyranny begs its own destruction in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Will a headless body of a mad judge in a black robe soon float down the Mad River?

Isolating white mothers from daughters is just nigger revenge for pickin’ cotton
Victims of family court, no hugs from mom in four years, no reason given by predatory court, no state interest. Rape of childhood by Judge Anna Ficeto.
Vicki Frenzel, white trailer trash whore, childhood rapist, trust fund thief, child abuser.