Slasher Ryan McQuigan

Slash some tires, threaten to kill someone, get arrested, just a day in the drama life of Connecticut Family Court pets.  Charges never stick to the protected ones.  Also helps if dad was a former Chief State’s Attorney, cuz in Corrupticut, prosecutors and lawyers are above the law of the people.

Strange how a little girl can pick an attorney’s naked butt cheeks out of a line up.  Connecting the extended dots of Matthew Couloute, goes to the nefarious law firm of RomeMcQuigan P.C.  and pal Attorney Ryan McQuigan who in a drunken rage threatens to kill the mother of his children while stabbing steel belted radials with a butcher knife.  Some real psycho imagery, mother locked in the car screaming hysterically as psycho dad murders the Michelin Brothers.

Despite the efforts of the Connecticut State Police and all their ridiculous funding for protecting citizens, the ink was wasted on charges against boy Ryan as daddy Austin made it all go away.  Connections to the prosecutor’s club come with great benefits.  Even better than get out of jail free…..never have to go to jail.  Ryan was a former prosecutor and still holds the VIP card, his dad is privileged emeritus.  Given buddy Peter McShane was the GA10 prosecutor who made the charges disappear, Ryan boy never even had to go to court.

Just another example of how the connected pedo elite of Connecticut, protected by the chosen can commit crimes, traffick children at will.  Daddy Austin McGuigan makes death threats go away, patches tires; Judge Annie Drainginis, one of dad’s law partners, applies legal muscle in representing Matthew Couloute who with boy Ryan know the rules to the Baby Dragon Game played with little kids, naked butts and swinging ‘swords’.  All ties back to being a member of the prosecutors club.

An interesting dot to connect is that Attorney Ryan McQuigan represents that Matthew Couloute passed a lie detector test which proves Couloute does not play Baby Dragon Games with little girls.  Wonder if Ryan can pass this test too?  Ryan’s X wife and survivor of the Michelin slayings probably has witnessed more than she cares to admit about what Ryan can do with children.

Father Son Pedo Team

Karen Florin,  Day Staff Writer, Courts

Editor’s note: Charges were dismissed Dec. 18, 2007, courtesy of Peter McShane.

A local attorney was arraigned in New London Superior Court Friday on charges that he slashed the tires of his estranged wife’s car with a butcher knife and threatened to kill her during a confrontation at their North Stonington home.

Austin R. “Ryan” McGuigan, 36, was charged with disorderly conduct, threatening, carrying a dangerous weapon, second-degree reckless endangerment and third-degree criminal mischief. State police obtained a warrant for his arrest last week following their investigation of an Aug. 14 incident at McGuigan’s house at 307 Wyassup Road.

McGuigan was initially released on a $50,000 bond following his arrest. At his arraignment, Judge James W. Abrams reduced the bond to a written promise to appear in court. The judge issued a protective order banning McGuigan from having contact with the victim and referred the case to the court’s family relations division. The judge continued the case toNov. 9.

According to the arrest warrant affidavit, state police received a 911 call from “a hysterical female,” Alice McGuigan, saying that her husband had just slashed her tires, had a knife and had threatened to kill her. At the end of the phone call, she said her husband was driving away from the scene.

When police arrived, Alice McGuigan was locked inside the disabled car and Ryan McGuigan was not at home. She said the couple was in the midst of a divorce and she had taken their two children to New York. She returned to the house alone that day to retrieve some clothes. She said McGuigan became angry and chased her through the house. She said she ran to her car and locked the door and he followed her and slashed the tires with a butcher knife from the kitchen.

State police recovered the butcher knife, the first 2 inches of its tip blackened with rubber, in a bin, according to the warrant. Alice McGuigan refused to provide a written statement about the incident, but Resident Trooper Herbert Soler sought the arrest warrant based on the 911 call, the slashed tires, the victim’s statements at the scene and the butcher knife.

Ryan McGuigan is the son of former chief state’s attorney Austin J. McGuigan. He is a principal at his father’s law firm, Rome McGuigan P.C., and has been working out of the firm’s New London office.

According to the arrest warrant, Soler returned to Ryan McGuigan’s house several hours after the Aug. 14 incident to speak to him. McGuigan’s father answered the door and told the trooper that his son was soundly asleep and he did not want to awaken him. The trooper said he had overheard the son yelling at the father moments earlier, but the father did not allow the trooper into the house and said he would have his son contact the trooper in the morning.

The trooper said he did not hear from McGuigan until Aug. 20. He made an appointment to speak with McGuigan, but McGuigan did not show up, according to the warrant.
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Alice McGuigan