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Coleman Trafficking

Nigger boy Judge Eric Coleman displays incompetent abilities from the bench today in the continuing child trafficking case of Evie and Sofi Grohs of Watertown. A divorce case fueled by money and the demented mind of William J. Grohs that has gone on for eleven years and continues past his death. What the family court does to children in the name of lawyer feed is truly barbaric.

Nigger boy Coleman gave the children and their trust funds to trailer trash Vicki Frenzel just three days before dad’s death with the help of jew lawyer Steve Levi. Poor Vicki has no income, but expenses of $3,200 a week, forced to live off the trust funds of kids she stole. White trash hairdresser would end up back in the trailer park if not for the trafficking of children. But Vicki does her part to protect the money by isolating the girls from their real family. Money means more than family in the cesspool of Waterbury family court. Dumb nigger boy Coleman sent the case to ‘family relations’ today in a jewdicial effort to further extend the isolation of Evie and Sofi from mom and all their maternal aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents. A pure nigger play of kicking the can down the road. No hugs, no visitation, just jewish destruction of the Christian concept of family; mother-daughter bonds destroyed for no state interest. Coleman gave the kids to Vicki the tramp in February ’20 without any input from ‘family relations’, why does he need their opinion now? Nigger so stupid, he thinks no one is watchin’ his black ass tricks?

Family Relations is a jewish label for pedophiles trafficking children within the judicial department to private agendas. They all work for the judge, who controls their pay raises. A cadre of miscreant state employees who work under the direct control of the child trafficking jew judges in family court. These deviant psychopaths are so delusional to think they can opine what is best for other people’s children. Waterbury JD previously relied on a misplaced sand crab named Christopher Hadad ($135k) to provide baseless opinions of parent/child relationships. That clown has been replaced by Kathleen Montano ($128k) of no standing to provide whimsical commentary on what is court sponsored child abuse. Pedophile ring member, state employee, Deborah Fuller ($178k) oversees the statewide racket of ‘family relations officers’. Note the scam of family court in trafficking Evie and Sofi. Seven years of post judgment litigation fueled by William’s money, egged on by fee-hungry lawyers, presided over by unscrupulous jewdicial authorities, where Judge Anna Ficeto ($182k) takes kids away from mom on a ex-parte contempt motion in August ’17, in violation of Eighth Amendment, no memo of decision as to why, then Judge Coleman ($180k) gives kids and trust funds to trailer trash Vicki, without any family relations opinion, on ex-parte emergency because brain cancer is finally killing William, in February ’20. Now after four years of isolation, Coleman refers the matter to family relations. See the game? Nigger boy Coleman is just playing along, never addressing the underlying talmudic cause of destroying mother-child bonds.

Isolating children from a parent is child abuse under federal law, but this is Connecticut where raping children and bank is a jewdicial sport. Nigger boy Coleman doing his white pedo master’s bidding by trafficking Evie and Sofi in full view of a sovereign people. There is no state interest is keeping kids away from mother. Anyone be surprised when headless bodies in black robes float down the Connecticut River?

Will a .50 cal to the head force family court to act under the limits of law or will it always be a jewish cesspool of abuse of four legged animals and their calves?

Perhaps a 50 cal will be the silver bullet to eliminate the child rapists of family court.