Dickhead Michael Fasano, Esq.

The Dickhead of the Year Award goes to Michael Fasano of Waterbury for the biggest purple helmeted phallic display of manly incompetence in a Family Court proceeding.  Dragging a mother into court on EMERGENCY complaint that the internet exists is simply dickhead in action, not a family matter.  The now infamous blog officially confers the title of DICKHEAD on our boy Mikey.  The clerks of Waterbury Courthouse will forever snicker ‘Dickhead’ when he walks in the door.  His filings will be stamped ‘received from dickhead’.  The court marshals will smile and greet his lack of manliness with the title ‘Dickhead’.  He will have to beg permission from every judge to appear in court without a condom over his head.  Dickhead Fasano his hereby officially titled.

The award is not given lightly.  After years of study and practice as an attorney who occupies a special place of responsibility in society to ensure the quality of justice and the integrity of the court, the recipient has to reach outstanding levels of dickheadedness against mothers to be titled court DICKHEAD.  Mikey exceeds all expectations in phallic legal performance.

Dickhead’s emergency motion lacked any reference to any form of emergency; held no standing as a matter of law; made no reference in statute; found no conformance to rules; serving only to further demonstrate the illegitimacy of Judge Ficeto’s kangaroo court by allowing such frivolous pleading.  Using valuable court time to assail the First Amendment and complain of the existence of the internet laid bare dickhead’s legal incompetence; such are not Family Matters.

Dickhead was dishonest in his pleading, he knowingly allowed dishonesty to present in court, he failed to inform the court of his dishonesty or the dishonesty of GAL Brigham, he knowingly maintained a cause of emergency action that was both false, unlawful and phallic in nature, pursuing a cause of action for malice in the most dickheaded manner for his equally dickheaded client in perjury and unfaithfulness to the court.  God save the dickhead.

He filed, he appeared, he pleaded, acted like a dickhead and left the court with nothing but a prejudicial dismissal.  The award of DICKHEAD so conferred by order of the infamous blog.

Congratulations DICKHEAD!!!!!