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Connecticut’s jewish agenda is a gift that keeps on giving blog feed. Even the great grey ponytail, giant of the legal profession, and blog favorite, NORM PATTIS is in the fray! A nutjob Texas judge hands down a twisted decision against Alex Jones that shreds the First Amendment. Blog loves the First Amendment!

The SandyHoax is a story about mass murder carried out with a powerful rifle by a skinny autistic kid who can not tie his shoes, but an excellent marksman, nerves of steel, unflinching when 144 high velocity rounds ripped thru victims at point blank range. Only 6 of his 150 rounds missed flesh during the ten minute spree. Kid’s trigger finger was on steroids! The emotionally distraught shooter soldiered on despite the gory bodily damage; blood, flesh, bone fragments spewing about. A true demonic killer! OK, we got it, the story is made up under federal propaganda laws to promote public safety. Guns are bad, the jews don’t want the goy to be armed, folks with guns are hard to get in box cars. So what is so fucked up in Texas District Court #459 that the hoax cannot be discussed in the land of the free and the home of the unbelievers?

Blog spotlights Judge Maya Guerra Gamble, a retarded ‘spic in a black robe who grants play actor fathers of Noah Pozner and Jesse Lewis standing to censor SandyHoax expression. Blog loves domestic enemies of the Constitution. ‘Spic Semper Tyrannis!! Judge Gamble sits in Travis County, which is Austin, of little resemblance to Texas, a wayward liberal outpost of the Lone Star Republic. Gamble is a pathetic jurist. Gamble is a Democrat. Gamble was involved in child trafficking as a lawyer. Gamble is a Yale Law grad, the yeshiva of jewish propaganda disguised as a law school. Gamble is a plant, executing the script of the federal jew propaganda that black rifles are bad. Pretty obvious jewish script. Old news, nothing to do with muzzling expression. Two hoax fathers are victims of protected speech? Where did that come from? They suffer emotional distress because there was not a drop of blood at the mass murder scene? That pizza was ordered to feed the play actors at the fire house? That the stage needed a dozen port-a-poties? That charity websites were created before the event happened? That victims were pronounced dead at the scene by the State? No paramedics attending? Actors walking around in circles at the fire station? Colored nametags? Check-in sheets? That the public has not seen a death certificate? That there was no blood or splatter in any picture of the classroom murder scenes? That the initial 911 call reporting ‘unwanted person’ did not mention a gun? Autopsies of crime victims held secret by the sovereign people of Connecticut? There is First Amendment protection allowing a free people to discuss the script errors. Can’t expect the feds to get the best writers and producers, even JFK’s assassination story has holes in it, as does Pearl Harbor, Hiroshima, Gulf of Tonkin, Iraq invasion, and amateur pilots flying on 9-11, who collapsed WTC7. This ‘spic bitch Gamble is just being too obvious and it will burn her in the end. Another fried ‘spic puppet, for whom no patriot cries.

The jewdicial scam claims that little people cannot talk about SandyHoax. Little people must believe the jewish word salad, the events at the abandoned schoolhouse, believe the words of the coroner, accept everything the government ‘says’ without a shred of evidence. Not even a photo. The ‘spic judge on jewish puppet strings is part of the forced obedience; be silent or be found guilty of calling a hoax a hoax. Quite a jewish tactic. In some countries Holohoax denial is criminal conduct. Don’t believe that Zyklon B pellets can flow through shower heads, go to jail!!! Goy must not doubt the altered reality created by jewish politics. The Texas court system is now a jew tool to defeat a cowboy’s disdain of government propaganda. Remember the Alamo!!

A duped populace is supposed to believe that Maya Guerra Gamble is a legal prodigy, from poor illegal immigrant child to judge via Yale, that she can’t count to First Amendment? That she is so smart, but so kykish to purposely shred the First Amendment? C’mon, Guerra Gamble is 100% jew. Might as well go back to Mexico, there is no purposeful place above ground for her in Texas society.

Judge Gamble is gambling that she is not inciting a free people to violence, that domestic terrorism by a judge will not lead to imminent lawless action, betting that her jewish overlords will protect her from cowboy lassos and a lynching tree … quite a gamble.

Liberal Democrat means jew with jewish agenda, which ‘spic puppet judge plays for. Dumb ‘spic cunt.
Ugliest Connecticut State Trooper, propaganda to make simple rifle look evil … black rifle, so black. State Police Chief Fox in background is carrying 56 rounds of 9mm ammo on his belt. But be afraid of the rifle!!!
The Giant Grey Ponytail getting clipped by dumb ‘spic judge in Texas, say it is not so!!