Ficeto: Punishment By Child

The jewish miscreant masquerading as a Catholic, wearing a black robe, concealing her spiked tail does a constitutional Eighth Amendment smack down in the Connecticut cesspool of family court. Judge Anna Ficeto spews forth her demonic wrath upon a mother, ranting on the record that just punishment is served by isolating children from mom. Punishment by child is alive and well in the jewish gulag of Connecticut. Children are used as weapons of torture against parents for the heinous crime of non-compliance with incompetent orders of jewish judges. Oi vey, will the Patriots rise up to dispatch such a domestic enemy of the Constitution or will a righteous God take Ficeto out with a state snow plow?

The blog applies its standard disclaimer: can’t make this shit up! The jews of Connecticut will punish parents using their own kids as elements of torture, inflicting intentional emotional distress for all four legged creatures.

The unstable Anna Ficeto appeared distraught in hearing on 3 September in Waterbury JD where jew boy in need of a bath Attorney Steve Levi was arguing that unemployed, trailer trash, tramp Vicki Frenzel must keep control of Evie and Sofi Grohs, along with the benefits of living off their trust funds. Spittle was seen dangling from judicial lips as Ficeto ranted with anxiety over trafficking two little girls at her master’s direction. Ficeto was so unhinged that she betrayed her terrorism in the following statement:

FICETO:  You know why you were denied custody of those children, madam?
MOM:  Why.
FICETO:  It was a very order that was entered. Go on vacation with your children, enjoy vacation with your children.
MOM:  I did.
FICETO:  Do not expose these children to an individual by the name of Paul Boyne.
MOM:  In the order it says Paul Boyd--
FICETO:  He’s not to be present with them. He’s not to speak with them.  Have fun, come back, end of story.  Do you know what Ms. Grohs wasn’t able to do?  She wasn’t able to follow that very simple order.

The court of Judge Anna Ficeto has placed on the record for all to see that jewish law will ignore the American prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment codified in the Eighth Amendment for the torturous pleasure of miscreants in black robes. The republic has fallen.

Ficeto declares herself a domestic enemy of the Constitution; a threat to children and parents; she has targeted herself for elimination from the bench and to be cast out of an enlightened society. Sic Semper Tyrannis!! Let Patriots everywhere take up the chase in defense of the innocent, to preserve the Bill of Rights, for Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of all who threaten it!

The now famous blog notes that SCOTUS opines that the court is the alternative to violence. If the court becomes the tyrant, abusing the very children in its charge to protect, shredding the Constitution, does the court not beg its own destruction in violent means? Does Ficeto beg her own destruction? Do the people not hold cause to eviscerate Ficeto and her kind from the halls of justice. There are more kikes like Ficeto, does not the Second Amendment give power to the people to cleanse the bench? What other recourse do free citizens hold to protect children from the likes of Ficeto?

Keep the powder dry and plenty of .308 ball shot; there is terrorism in the judiciary, which will not leave willingly. The country was won with bullets, it will take more to preserve it.

Karma bites!

Patriot’s retort to jewdicial terrorists.
Karma is a doberman. Traitors beware.