Public Service Message: Watertown

This is a public service message to parents of Watertown, Connecticut in the Judicial District of Waterbury.

There is a child predator on the loose in Watertown.  He is acting in conspiracy with lawyers and judges of the Waterbury Family Court.  His name is William J. Grohs.  He lives on 227 Woodbury Road.  He runs a business out of Oxford Airport called William J. Grohs Aviation, phone 203-262-1552.  He is represented by Attorney Michael Fasano of Duffy&Fasano of Woodbury.  He was formally represented by Attorney Rosemarie Giuliano, but she had to fire him as a client for unethical conduct in a court proceeding.

William J. Grohs did bring suit and sue for divorce from his wife and mother of Genovese and Sophia in August 2010, the girls being only one and two years old.  Committment, fatherhood, fidelity, loving family and Christian values were not in his interest.  Having more money than brains, William hired Rosemary Giuliano for representation while the court appointed the infamous Attorney Mary Brigham as guardian ad litem to represent the girl’s best interests while charging $350/hr.  The divorce was settled by amicable agreement, accepted by Watertown’s own Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto in July 2011.

Three months later, William J. Grohs and his lawyer Giuliano were back in court demanding to change his own agreement, arguing before Judge Lloyd Cutsumpas in the Waterbury JD courthouse.  For the last six years he has attacked the mother of his children in ceaseless, vexatious litigation, promoted by money hungry lawyers billing $350/hr for no legal purpose, but to traffick two young girls.

No responsible adult businessman makes an agreement with advice of counsel to settle a dispute, then immediately turns around and attacks his agreement with the same lawyer that advised him in the process.  Only a crooked judge of an illegitimate court would entertain such nonsense.  Such betrays the scam, which was to divorce mom, shut the door on any unlitigated issues, prevent discovery of William’s lifestyle and peccadilloes prior to divorce, then with a clean slate….attack the mother, steal the kids and cut them off from the maternal family tree so no one can hear them scream.  Classic pedo play.

William Grohs claims the children should be uprooted from mother’s house and placed in his captivity with mom cut out of their lives.  After six years, hundreds of thousands of dollars, private investigators, harassment, psychological torture and paid off judges, Evey and Sofi Grohs have been snatched from their mother by court order of known pedo, child trafficker Judge Anna M. Ficeto.  William Grohs claims to the court in his mad pleading that the children are harmed psychologically, emotionally and physically by knowing their mother and that mom should be erased from their lives.

The court of Ficeto, J., holds no evidence of such claim.  Even Chris Haddad, the family relations officer of the court did not agree with William’s demands to steal the kids.  The family relations unit of the court flat out rejected his claim and recommended no change to the six year old custody/living arrangement.  It was recommended to the judge that Wiilam Grohs take a course in how to be a parent, act civily and stop creating family conflicts.  However, the judge is being paid to do a service for those who benefit from holding children in captivity away from caring mothers or loving families who may observe improper ‘use’ of a child by ‘ring’ colleagues of pedophilia persuasion.  The claim presented to the court by Attorney Michael Fasano is antithetical to public policy of the state which supports strong families, protection of parent child bonds and by statute, requires active and consistent involvement of both parents in the lives of the children.  All cast to the wind when the court is being paid to traffic children for adult pleasure.

The presence of Attorney Mary Brigham is terrifying.  She has a long history of cases involving large sums of money, where children were isolated from a mother.  Same M.O. in all cases.  She is GAL during the divorce, which settles by agreement, then less than four months later, the agreement is challenged for being no good and the entire matter is re-litigated for years resulting in the isolation of the children from Brigham’s victim.  Brigham performed the exact service for Dr. Shawn Tittle along with Attorney Rosemary Giuliano and Judge Lloyd Cutsumpas in the Tittle case, which has been litigating for seven years, where Judge Ficeto continues to rule to keep the kids isolated from the mother for no cause shown; the lawyers laughing all the way to the bank.

The usual suspects raise a red flag as to why Evey and Sofi are being trafficked by Judge Ficeto.  The public has cause to know the players who are violating the law and destroying childhoods for personal and monetary gain, if not illegal activity.  The first suspect is William J. Grohs and his twisted desire to erase mother from the lives of his daughters.  A strange bird to say the least, exhibiting obsessive controlling personality disorder, narcissism and outwardly acts like a downright asshole to anyone who dare challenges his self-appointed exceptionalism.  Whatever drove him to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in malicious abuse of the court system by attacking the mother of his children certainly calls for a clinical personality disorder case study.  Or perhaps he is just in the business of delivering new inventory to the state protected pedophile ring.  Or he is just simply part of the ring and bred the two girls for diabolical purposes of evil having no need for their mother.

Note that this child snatching game is quite expensive.  Lawyers control access to the court, make the payoffs in the backroom (chambers) purchasing the required orders to steal the kids from the birth mother.  William has paid dearly and for a long time.  Seven years of litigation is extremely costly; the bribes even more so.  The source of this money likely comes from third parties who have use for the girls, but is made to look like it is revenue from William J. Grohs Aviation, a hole in the wall insurance sales operation for private aircraft having an office at Waterbury-Oxford Airport.  A curious enterprise as pedophile rings never transport their inventory on commercial aircraft.

It is of grave concern as to why William Grohs or his associates have alarming interest when the children are taken to the pediatrician.  Mary Brigham and Rosemary Giuliano included a clause preventing a mother from properly caring for her children; a clause accepted by Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto, another Watertown resident.  The mother was attacked in court for taking the girls to the doctor.  The doctor, Ephraim P. Bartfeld, of Watertown, a mandatory reporter for matters of child abuse realized that the girls had been sexually molested.  The state agency, Department of Children and Families, was notified as required by law, but William Grohs and his dickhead lawyer Fasano attacked mother in court for providing medical care to the sexually abused girls.  Judges Lloyd Cutsumpas, Anna Ficeto, Marylouise Schofield were all in on attacking the mother for taking the kids to the doctor, who acted professionally and in accordance with state law.

The perp for the sexual abuse was the son of the live in fiancée of William Grohs.  DCF opened an investigation which became a lightening rod for Mary Brigham to attack the mother and get paid $350/hr, making mom the evil one.  Or put another way, when the pedo games are exposed, always attack the mother of the victim.  The fiancée is Vicki Cann Frenzel.  She has been living with William Grohs for over five years still in fiancee status with no wedding (a.k.a. commitment) date set.  She is known to the community as she owns an upscale hair salon in Oxford called Pure Platinum.   Her son, the alleged perp, Mark Frenzel is a sophomore at Watertown High School.

The girls have been removed from their mother’s life, visitation cut off, placed in captivity of the father in the home where they were molested by Mark Frenzel in the presence of William Grohs and Vicki Frenzel.  William Grohs and Attorney Brigham are even isolating the children from their extended family, grandparents, cousins, siblings, even neighborhood play pals.  Judge Ficeto must have been paid big bucks to make that a decision of the court under the laws of the state.  Strange that she has not published why she did it, other than claiming it was an ’emergency’.

The people of Watertown have cause to be aware of what Grohs, Frenzel, Fasano, Brigham and Ficeto have pulled off.  Parents whose children interact with the Grohs girls or Frenzel’s son have reason to suspect evil motives and activities.  Evey and Sofi attend Judson Elementary.  It is doubtful that the school psychologist, Vittoria Albanese, is aware of the evil dynamic invading the community or what repercussions it will have on classmates and their parents.  What can Principal Kathleen Scully tell parents about William Grohs, while he sits in the PTA meeting?  Strange cars in neighborhoods are likely William Grohs’ private investigator JEM Investigative Services and surveillance thugs watching your kids play with his kids.  John Meeker does strange things for money.  Your kids ask the Grohs girls how is mom?  Watch the Watertown Police beat the kid and arrest you for harassment, stalking, custodial interference.  The mailman delivers birthday card, don’t get caught in the crossfire from paid police thugs enforcing the isolation of the girls.  If the girls’ maternal grandparents, the Smiths of Watertown, attend the school play, here comes the SWAT Team.  Principals and teachers will soon be visited by Attorney Mary Brigham, who with no documentation from the court will proclaim mother evil, not to be allowed on school property, police are notified and the public brainwashing will be underway.

If you get your hair done at the Pure Platinum salon or buy insurance for your private jet from Grohs Aviation, Inc, you are helping to fund child trafficking, pay off judges, break the law, commit acts of terrorism and destroy any semblance of a civilized society.

When evil lurks in the society to the point children are in danger, being silent serves no purpose.  Be scared Watertown, be very scared.