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Evil Political Wives of Corrupticut

The now-famous blog takes note of the horrific policy decisions of Connecticut State officials, to ask the question: who is fucking these monsters? The taxpayer forks out huge salaries for officials who wreak havoc on the lives of private citizens under the claim of some elitist pubic policy. The blog is curious as to the ‘partners’ of these monsters. Let’s start with the governor’s hose bag, Annie Lamont.

Annie Lamont, part of jewish venture capital scam, hater of goy, child predator, pedophile supporter.

Annie has fucked Ned for years, sucks his dick, licks his balls, even takes it up the ass to please this monster. She sleeps in the bed of the state executive who allows niggers, pedos, jews, fags and the like to rape children across the state. Why? Is Annie a pervert too? Beholden to jewish chosen ideology over the goy for her lofty status as First Lady of Pedoville. Do Emily, Lindsay, and Teddy realize the evil that possesses their parents? What drives the Lamonts to victimize children across the state with the dysfunctional state apparatus under Ned’s control? Jews maybe? Ned ensures the child trafficking is facilitated in Connecticut without interference from the executive branch. He placed the incompetent nigger Vannessa Dorante in charge of Department of Children and Families to assure the pedo ring that there will be no investigations into raped children. He holds the independent judiciary beyond his control as the jews abhor executive interference in child trafficking done in juvey court or by the rape and plunder of family court. Jewdicial discretion trumps executive power. The state is set up to rape children, where Annie plays her dutiful role to standby her man that makes it all happen. Annie just a jew, playing out her master’s bidding, keeping up Ned’s image to a duped public.

Nancy Robinson, wife of Chief Justice who upholds punishment by child.

Nancy Robinson sleeps with Chief Justice Richard Robinson who rules that a mother can be punished on whim of a jewish judge by taking her children away. Nancy is obviously supportive of this pedo tactic of destroying mothers, victimizing children, raping childhoods, all to uphold the ideology of her hubby’s predatory masters. She fucks the nigger who fucks the children across the state because these plantation niggers want to live like white folk in return for supporting jewish ideology. Nancy is a danger to society, another self appointed elitist out of Stamford. One dumb nigger cunt.

Jennifer Bright, supports beating children to comply with court orders.

Jennifer Bright of Columbia sleeps with monster Judge William Bright who rules from the appellate bench that mothers must beat their children who do not readily comply with court orders. Wonder if Jenny is beaten by Willy for not swallowing his load? How can Jenny be seen in public where people know her husband advocates beating children to comply with orders of a pedo court? Does she really fuck this guy? Or does Willy prefer tight little boy ass over her sagging pussy and shriveled tits?

Elizabeth Tong, white trophy on arm of chink communist Attorney General of pedoville. Jew?

Elizabeth Tong may be the most evil of the predatory wives. What does this pretty white female find attractive in a demented chinaman with a small dick? Arranged marriage of propaganda? Elizabeth is a lawyer, having the wherewithal to see Willy’s predatory acts on children in the state, so why does she suck the chink dick and support pedo hubby? Is she the poster child for dumb ignorant white women who have no empathy for the children of the state? Suffering from unspecified psychotic disorder? Or is she just part of the ideology to of the jewish pedophiles who run Corrupticut. Elizabeth pretends she cannot hear the screams of the children, because she is too busy sucking chinese communist dick. The evil in this one is profound. How could a mother of three support the pederasty of her husband?

Renee Deichert sucks AAG Robert Deichert who argues against child protection on behalf of a sovereign people. Pedo family?

Renee Deichert of Tolland is concubine to AAG Robert Deichert who is presently arguing against a complaint that the pedo infrastructure of Connecticut is working to traffic children, in direct affront to public policy, state law, and human decency. Judging by the looks of Renee, she is window dressing for her pedo hubby to portray that he is normal, while raping little boys. Renee’s daughters do not realized the monster that sleeps with their mother.

Georgia B. Adelman, massive piglet pet of the Dark Lord himself.

Not much to say about Georgia B. Adelman, so called wife to the most evil jewdicial pedophile, the Dark Lord himself, child rapist, thief, and trafficker elite Gerard I. Adelman. Georgia must enjoy child abuse to share the same house in Meriden with this monster. Jewish mothers do jewish things to prey on goy children, bankrupt families, and destroy childhoods. A special place in hell awaits this excuse of a human.

Robert Ficeto sleeps with the evil Anna who weaponizes children.

Robert H. Ficeto sleeps in the same bed as peophile bitch Anna Ficeto, a judge with a dick, who terrorizes society by using children as weapons of punishment against their own mothers. Robert takes it up the ass from Anna’s peg, to uphold his manliness and to remember how his daddy did it to him and he does it to his two sons. The deviant sexual behavior is just life in the miscreant Ficeto family in Wolcott.

SheDevil Maria Agati, pleasures deviant Salvatore for upholding ‘appropriate’ pedo behavior

Let’s not forget another Catholic bride, Maria C. Agati of Watertown who clamps her fat ass on Judge Salvatore Agati’s diseased dick. Salvatore finds that taking children away from mothers is appropriate and professional behavior of a state judge. Using fruit of the womb as weapons of pain against the mother, just dandy. Maria swallows every drop in worship of the devil incarnate, the pedo Salvatore. Their mutual satanic love of predatory acts upon children will earn these two a private corner in Hell for eternity. Their own kids, Taryn, and Allie will one day realize they are the product of evil, to be forever shunned for crime against children.


The Connecticut taxpayer is paying salaries to some pretty deviant inhumane state officials who play for the dark side. These people have families who are guilty by association and not at all immune from public criticism. To be part of society is to be recognized for the damage done by family members to ‘we the people’. Don’t like the spotlight, don’t pretend to support the evil brought down upon children by your beloved psychopath. Don’t claim innocence for sucking a dick that has been in a little kid, cry all you want to your local speech police, society has cause to express hate of you and your pathetic offspring.

When the reckoning comes, when powder burns and shot flies, when judgments passed, there will be no place to hide from the sins of the father. Karma bites.