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Excommunicate Judge Anna Ficeto

What is the point of having a judge more unfaithful to God than she is to the law?  Judge Anna Ficeto is a notorious child trafficker of the Connecticut Family Court, who pretends to be of the Roman Catholic faith.  She goes to church on Sunday, she takes communion, she is seen kneeling, standing, sitting during the Mass, even praying.  But when she puts on a black robe, ascends to the bench, she becomes Satan’s hand.

Why would a practicing Catholic find cause to use God’s gifts of children, as weapons in litigation?  The Fourth Commandment is effectively codified in the laws of Connecticut; protection of families, protection of children, protection of parent-child bonds.  Why would a Catholic find cause to abandon the law of the State and her own faith to bring suffering to children?  Is Anna Ficeto simply the devil incarnate?  She acts neither as a judge nor as a Catholic.

Judge Ficeto is solely responsible for the isolation of two Catholic girls, Evie and Sofie Grohs from their Catholic mother by unpublished order.  The State of Connecticut held no cause to separate children from their loving mother and entire extended Catholic family.   The act was executed by Ficeto absent proper hearing or any proper testimony on 31 August 2017.  The girls have not hugged their mother since.  No cause given by the court and no published statement of cause in the very public court file.  Why the secrecy?  Why the lack of judicial transparency?  Failure to issue written orders and memo of decision is a violation of state law by the judge.  The miscreant father, William J. Grohs, having more money than brains is not a Christian and does perform unspeakable acts upon children.  Father’s lawyer, Michael Fasano of Woodbury is a dirty evil court insider who can cross Ficeto’s palm with silver to steal children from parents.  Attorney Mary Brigham, the GAL is the notorious judicial pet assigned to cases that have evil desires for use of children.  The family court is the devil’s playground.  Evie and Sofie are Satan’s toys, where the court players pretend to be Catholics.  Where is the Archdiocese? Where is the Parish Council?  Where are the parishioners who allow the devil to walk among them, trafficking young souls of precious children?

Since it is impossible for a judge to be removed from the bench during a term, perhaps the Church should take note and excommunicate her.  She does not even attempt to practice the faith.  Prior to being a judge she was the lawyer for the unclean Maureen M. Murphy in a zionistic exercise to legalize the perverse concept of lesbian marriage.  How can a Catholic promote a union of two sexual deviants, claiming it to be ‘marriage’ in defamation to the sacrament of the Church?  There is no place at all in the teachings of the Church that involve two women or two men of such perverse conduct; just not part of the faith.  Ficeto may go to Church and receive communion, but she does not act Catholic.  A true Catholic would fear eternal damnation and the fires of hell for what Ficeto does to children.  Playing twisted games with gifts from God for the sole purpose of generating profits for lawyers like Michael Fasano is anything but Catholic.  Ignoring the laws of the state begs for a good old colonial tar and feathering.

But attention must be focused on Father Kevin G. Donovan of St. Basil The Great Parish of Wolcott.  Judge Anna Ficeto makes her disingenuous pretense of being Catholic before Father Donovan, then takes up the role of Satan in destruction of Christian families from her evil perch on the bench.  Her discretion applied in court is not that of a benevolent religion or teachings of family values; her discretion is fire and venom of the devil himself.  Perhaps Anna Ficeto is merely possessed; requiring an exorcism.  If not, then excommunication is requisite by Archbishop Leonard P. Blair of the Archdiocese of Hartford.  There is no teaching of the Church that allows Judge Ficeto to approach the altar to receive the sacrament of communion at St. Maria  Goretti Church in Wolcott; merely Satan’s humour.

Time to reconcile the law of the state with the teachings of the Church against the work of the devil.  Judge Ficeto’s term expires in 2020.  What happened to target Jane Emons can happen to Anna Ficeto.  The devil can be rooted out of the court by the good Christian souls in the legislature.  In the meantime, the Church holds cause to excommunicate this manifestation of the devil in the form of Judge Anna M. Ficeto.  Might as well do Fasano and Brigham at the same time.

In defense of all children, the parishioners of St. Basil can snicker and cough when Ficeto approaches the altar for communion; Father Donovan can refuse communion to Satan’s sister.  Ficeto the Devil needs to be shunned, banished, shamed and forced to appear before an ecclesiastical court.  The rest of the people of Wolcott can honk long and hard while driving past 13 Diamond Rock Road, as the devil dwells among you.

Judge Ficeto; satan’s hand, child trafficker, pretends to be a Catholic.

Lost Kids. Evie and Sofi Grohs. Isolated from mother for eleven months without a hug by the devil’s hand Judge Ficeto.

William J. Grohs.  Deviant, twisted child abuser.

Vicki Frenzel, concubine, the unmarried self appointed step mom, working to isolate Evie and Sofie from the real mother.

Dickhead Michael Fasano, court whore of William J. Grohs.

GAL Cancer Cunt Brigham, child trafficker.

William J. Grohs Aviation, devil’s business.

Satan of Connecticut, Judge Anna M. Ficeto, isolates Evey and Sofie Grohs from their mother without cause, other than Ficeto being the hand of Satan.