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Albis The Heretic

Judge Michael J. Albis, the chief judge of the child trafficking family court of Connecticut, is a Catholic. In reality, he is a heretic in need of excommunication from the Church which he betrays. He is a pathetic judge who betrays a Christian faith to bring harm to children under the guise of ‘rule of law’.

It is well known that the doctrine of child separation, protracted litigation and excessive legal fees is the design of King Jew Judge Elliot N. Solomon and his jewish Bar friends. The man who proclaims that all state family court judges have been trained by him, under direction of his jewish overlords. So why would a faithful Catholic have cause to play the jewish game in the cesspool of Connecticut Family Court? Is Albis in the pedophile ring? Does he rape boys? Is he there to satisfy his own deviant pleasures of inflicting emotional abuse, physical harm and financial destruction of Christians? What is the game of this heretic Albis? Go to church on Sunday, bless himself with Holy Water, take communion, then on Monday do the work of Satan, earning the wages of sin, to please Solomon the jew? What is his game?How does a Catholic judge apply ‘discretion’ under Solomon’s teachings? The sovereign people of Connecticut passed a law requiring ‘active and consistent’ involvement of both parents in the lives of the kids, but that is thwarted by the jewish Talmudic teachings of Solomon. Why would Judge Albis apply jewish harm to Christian kids caught up in the cesspool of family court? What power do the jews hold over the court so that the law is ignored and the practice follows a Zionist agenda? Separating a parent from a child is purely a jewish delight. The state holds no interest in destroying parent child bonds, only jews like Solomon who profit from the societal destruction.

Albis is the devil’s hand and needs to be excommunicated from the Catholic Church for his allegiance to Solomon and the harmful practices under the Talmud that run the family court. Is it time for Archbishop Leonard Paul Blair to excommunicate heretic Albis from the Church? There must be some force applied to oppose the inhumane practices invoked by Jew Elliot Solomon, perhaps a state snow plow, an errant dear hunter or a bolt of lightning from the heavens. What will it take to have humane judges of Christian faith dealing with the children in family court? Look for a heretic taking communion at St. Vincent De Paul Church in East Haven. The devil walks among you.

Judge Michael Albis, a Catholic doing Satan’s bidding in Connecticut Family Court.
Jew King Elliott Solomon Talmud Ruler defies state laws.