Vicki Frenzel Again!

The beauty of Connecticut plays out in the jewish cesspool of its family courts. Blog famous Vicki Frenzel displays her true colors again filing in probate court to seize control of trust funds of the daughters of deceased William Grohs. Family Court runs on money and the inbred jewish judges and lawyers of Waterbury will devour children, parents, and savings accounts to satisfy their appetite for cash and pedophilia. This is truly what Connecticut is all about.

Bill Grohs croaked last March. Jew lawyer Steve Levy paid Judge Ficeto to direct nigger boy Judge Coleman to gift the daughters to sleazy cunt Vicki Frenzel instead of their real mother. Just a jewish form of child trafficking where extremely large trust funds are involved. Bill did not leave anything for Vicki, as she was just his live in side ‘ho. Scorned Vicki even forged a quit claim deed while Bill lay comatose on his death bed, effectively stealing the house, unbeknownst to the conspirators there was someone watching.

Vicki’s plan is quite simple, pay crooked judges and lawyers of Waterbury to give her the kids, cut mom out, lay low for a bit, put up with the two rug rats, spending as little money as possible for their care, while showering herself with fruits of the crime in new fashion, pocketbooks, and accessories, then quietly approach probate court to steal the children’s insurance proceeds from sugar daddy’s life insurance payout. Next, the two kids die of corona virus, smothered in sleep with a pillow. Vicki thinks no one will notice; but blog sees all.

Meet Attorney Joseph Poulsen, a kid in a suit with a worthless law degree from Western New England, in the employ of the pathetic Attorney Karen Fisher, trailer trash from Quinnipiac Law diploma mill. Poulsen files in Southbury probate court on behalf of the evil Frenzel to steal life insurance proceeds from the girls. Poulsen conceals from probate that the family court holds jurisdiction over the two girls, their mother, and his white trash client. A perfect example of lawyer malfeasance by filing a frivolous petition for the purpose of forum shopping, dodging the existing jurisdiction of family court. Oi vey, the slippery scum of the legal profession is amazing. Robbery by lawyer!! Will the lecherous gold-digging cunt Vicki Frenzel dare to appear at the public probate hearing on 24 June with her joke of a lawyer? Or will she cower away back into her hole, hiding from public scrutiny? Stay tuned blog fans, the blog will be watching!!!

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