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Punishment By Child: Upheld!

The big dumb nigger of the Connecticut Supreme Court has upheld punishment by child! The cruel and unusual punishment of taking kids away from a mother to invoke the wrath of a jewish family court judge is just another day in the cesspool of state courts. Nigger boy Justice Richard Robinson will bitch about black cotton pickin’ slaves, but will let white children be used as weapons of punishment against their own mothers. Not even a plantation nigger would uphold such child abuse, but Robinson is controlled by the jewish pedophilia mafia. Anything to fuck up the lives of the goy, ruling from edicts of the Talmud, dumb nigger boy Robinson will do exactly what he is told. Violating the Eighth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is just another chore for slave boy, as he wipes the jew cum from his nigger lips.

The heretic Catholic Judge Anna Ficeto of Waterbury JD admits she took Sofie and Evie Grohs away from their mother as punishment, vindication of tyrannical court powers to destroy parent child bonds. The isolation has gone on for over four years without a hug and the big nigger in the black robe says it is just fine, just the way the jews of Corrupticut want it for the goy. Not cruel and unusual to rape childhoods, destroy parent child bonds, violate constitutional protections, falsely done in the name of the sovereign people of Connecticut. The General Assembly must be proud of their nigger boy, proud to bring harm to children, proud to have dick-like judges inflict pain and suffering on children for no basis in law, no state interest, just perverted personal pleasures.

How are the best interests of Sofie and Evie Grohs served by the judiciary, if they are used as a weapon of punishment by a judge against a fit mother? What compelling state interest is served? Does CJ Robinson hoist with his own petard? Does he beg a lynching? Does he incite imminent lawless action? Does he incite violence? Does he rape children? What is this nigger’s game? Retribution against white supremacy that rescued his ancestors from the jungle life?

Wife Nancy Robinson has some explaining to do. Her momma raised a fool! Nancy sucks nigger dick of monster who uses children to punish mothers … that ain’t no black shit, that is just jews runnin’ over the goy like they are four legged animals.

Connecticut’s highest court, rules straight from big nigger lips, that mothers will be punished with the loss of their own children, based on the sole discretion of a family court judge for no purpose in law, no state interest. Be scared, very scared.

Keep the powder dry, plenty of lead shot. The children in the land of the free only have the brave’s use of the Second Amendment to protect them from the evil of state courts and the pedophiles who run them.

Nigger lips proclaim 8th Amendment is now void, children will be used as weapons of punishment against their goy mothers.
Nigger boy just luvs rapin’ white folk, makin’ up for all dat slavery shit.
Some niggers just not worth a bullet.
Nancy Robinson, wife of Chief Justice, sucks dick of a monster who uses children as punishment. Dumb niggers!!