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Hate Tong

Let’s examine what is driving the little prick of a chinaman from Stamford/Darien, Connecticut’s own William Tong.  Lately he has been shooting off his mouth about ‘hate crimes’ because of opposing political viewpoints of people he hates, expressed under the protection of the First Amendment.  Obviously, there is too much Mao in this transplanted Chinese Communist.  Some defect in his DNA makes him think he can silence political debate and make people read from the same page of a little book.

Tong the constitutional clown was educated at Brown University and Chicago Law, where he learned nothing of being an American.  We the people don’t take shit from little brats with attitudes, who throw temper tantrums and who force women to remove their T shirts.  One way to piss off a red blooded American is to act like a Tong.

Tong goes to the aid of fellow chinaman, law breaker, illegal alien Tony Huang to stop his due processly ordered deportation back to China.  Tong cites keeping his family together as cause for state intervention.  Needless to say, Family Court of Connecticut loves to destroy families, separate children from parents and plunder college and retirement savings accounts.  A jewdicial game that Tong fully supports.  Two faced Long Duck Tonger?  Favoritism for illegal chinese, but constitutional violations for Connecticut’s own kids and parents?  Why can’t DHS deport and destroy the Huang family?  The dyke on the byke Judge Bozzuto does it all the time.  The dark hand of king jew Judge Solomon teaches the Talmudic destruction of christian families, but Huang is not christian and neither is Tong….they are democrats!!!

Now take a look at Tong’s knee jerk reaction to political commentary on the state LGBTIQ game of qualification by gayness.  The queer boy Governor Dannel Malloy nominates Justice Andrew McDonald to be Chief Justice of Connecticut Court based on the sole qualification that he is a sodomite, makes love to men, plays house with a man, claims a ‘marriage’ to a man and sucks dick.  Any red blooded American who calls bullshit on such a nomination or calls out the obvious advancement of the queer agenda is accused of a ‘hate crime’ by chinaman Tong.

Here is today’s post from Tonger’s facebook page: “The Judiciary Committee must give Justice McDonald a fair hearing and thoughtful consideration of his nomination to serve as Chief Justice. The attacks on him are attempts to poison the well and compromise the process. This is why I worked so hard to strengthen the state’s hate crimes laws last year. These comments are despicable, and so far beneath the dignity of a response from the judiciary committee.”

Translate the word salad, Tong is saying that attacking a mule for being a mule and being unqualified for the rodeo is a hate crime?  Alas, Tong is in need of accommodation under federal ADA law for mental defect.  Americans know what to do with a dog who can’t hunt.  The Judiciary Committee does not work for the people.  See Courant article here.  Free speech is free speech, but not on T shirts in front of Tong.

Tong is a lawyer who practices with Finn Dixon & Herling, LLP a no name firm of fifty seven washed up lawyers chasing corporate ambulances out of Stamford.  He is an elected representative of the citizens of Stamford/Darien.  But he can’t spell Constitution nor count to First Amendment.  He is a domestic enemy of the grand old parchment, he is a terrorist, he is ripe manure to refresh the Tree of Liberty.  He is telling people to shut up….those are fighting words in the good ole US of A.  Silencing political debate under the color of a ‘hate crime’ is just criminal conduct by Tong; see 18 USC 242, deprivation of rights.

So we all know that Tong’s handlers are pissed when he claims opposing opinions are labeled as ‘hate crimes’….hate dat.  In reality, it is quite legal to hate under our jurisprudence, we protect the freedom to express the thought that we hate.  We are Americans, we can hate things!!

Chinaman Long Duck Tonger holds private interest to protect fellow chinamen and their illegal acts, along with preservation of ethnic chinese alien families, he upholds judicial attacks on white Connecticut families and he acts to silence criticism of his unequal conduct, but his efforts to silence political debate  “strikes at the heart of the First Amendment. Speech that demeans on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, disability, or any other similar ground is hateful; but the proudest boast of our free speech jurisprudence is that we protect the freedom to express “the thought that we hate.” United States v. Schwimmer, 279 U.S. 644, 655  Cited in Matal v Tam, U.S. Supreme Court, 2017.

State Representative William Tong can take his hate crimes and shove them up Justice McDonalds lubed ass.  We the people have no cause to advance queers in office just because they are queers.  Life does not work that way.

William Tong promotes queers because they are queers.

Tong protecting fellow chinaman and illegal alien

The injustice of Tong, domestic enemy of Constitution.

Needs Tong manure.