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All Eyes On TONG!

All look to the great commie chinaman of Connecticut, the great short little comedian who sez “that’s why we fight”! AG TONG is going up against the great grey ponytail, a giant of the profession, last of the slash and burn trial lawyers. Attorney Norm Pattis has laced his sneakers tight to drag the judicial branch into federal court on civil rights deprivations. AG TONG will be forced to appear in pointless attempt to prevent the bludgeoning of retarded Judge Thomas Moukawsher, jerk of the family court. The FIRST AMENDMENT hammer gonna splatter Mouk all over the media. Gonna be ugly when TONG calls big dumb nigger Chief Justice Robinson as a fact witness that the jewdicial branch abandoned constitutional principles a long long time ago.

The jewish drama of the Ambrose case resulting in Moukawsher’s jewdicial retaliation of disbarring mother’s advocate is on its way to federal court where AG TONG will argue that the FIRST AMENDMENT does not apply to Connecticut courts. The public does not have redress rights. When the judge gets pissed tyranny rules and the Bill of Rights goes out the window. AG will plead the retards in black hold DISCRETION to silence advocates who annoy the judge’s ear. AG TONG will stipulate it is wonderful that Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer have been isolated from mom by the same form of unbridled jewdicial discretion. Corrupticut luvs to torture children. AG TONG is the state’s chief child abuser and liar, claiming protection of families being his top priority.

Constitutional terrorism is all the rage in TONG’s office. The chink on the jew puppet strings will take to the federal stage in attack of the FIRST AMENDMENT, that the peasants need to be silenced, that advocates should not oppose the jewish agenda, that ‘we the people’ must shut up!!! Get in the boxcar! TONG is so excited to show off his commie skills in defeat of the Bill of Rights, he masturbates on the draft briefs. TONG’s day has come to embarrass the entire population of the state, a once sovereign people, now beholden to rabbinical courts.

The dumb chink gonna learn quick what is Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of all who threaten it. A well regulated militia with bare arms leaves a calling card, a warning to commie chink that ‘we the people’ don’t do commie shit. A picture of TONG and MOUKAWSHER together before the federal bench will be the new poster target for the thousand yard rifle range and .50 cal freedom seeds. Smackdown of jewdicial tyranny will provide the Tree of Liberty much needed refreshment, chink manure.

Stay tuned to see the demise of Connecticut jewery that infects the courts. The slaughter of commie chink on the sharp blade of the FIRST AMENDMENT sword of freedom, the essence of self-government. Bring popcorn!

Editor’s Note: Judiciary Committee of the legislature must explain why they conferred tyrannical power on the court, improperly allowing a clown like Moukawsher to be accuser, judge, jury, and executioner? More tyranny?