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Colonel Stavros Mellekas

Atop the corrupt law enforcement structure of Connecticut sits Stavros Mellekas, a master of deceit protecting the evil of society. Commanding the most powerful armed force of state government, Mellekas works for the dark side. Any wonder why so many children are trafficked thru Connecticut, why pedophiles enjoy the freedom to rape kids at will, why drugs flow freely through the population, all the way down to school children? Look no further than Colonel Stavros Mellekas.

A long term veteran of looking the other way, eliminating suspects, protecting troopers, his long stints assigned to Internal Affairs earned him the trust of the ruling elite to move him into the top job where he is expected to continue his stellar performance and coverups. Don’t ask Stavros about unsolved homicides, the lack of drug busts, the lack of arrests for child trafficking, he is just doing his job protecting the pedophiles and drug lords who profit from criminal activity in Corrupticut. But you may wish to ask him why his troopers are hunting the writers and editors of the now famous blog.

Free speech is not free, if it annoys the ruling elite. As Voltaire correctly stated: Your masters are those whom you may not criticize. Mellekas is on a mission to take down this blog and arrest its contributors for free expression. Troopers in his Major Crime Department expend public funds to hunt expression which annoys his jewdicial masters. Trooper Patrick Dwyer shares investigative fruits with other officers of the law, attorneys, and judges. This is Connecticut in its full unconstitutional glory, hunting free speech on the probable cause that it is constitutionally protected. Mellakas has direction to search for critics of his masters, lest their pedophile protection racket catches the attention of local extremists with guns and loyalty to the Constitution. What would happen to Mellakas and his thugs, if free expression evoked ‘wokeness’ among white supremacists with night scopes, who do not approve of troopers protecting child rapists? What if the hunters of free speech become the hunted? What if his misconduct incites imminent lawless actions of a sovereign people to purge the government of domestic terrorists? What if the Second Amendment rises up to protect the First?

What if Colonel Stavros Mellekas is hunted down like the terrorist he truly is? What if he is interrogated? What if he talks? Has Mellekas become a liability to his masters? Did his loyal foot soldiers cross the line? Let the cat out of the bag? Expose the dark purpose of the Connecticut State Police for all to see? All over a blog? Surely not, there is greater evil in the shadows that surround Mellekas.

Colonel Mellekas should not be worried about a Patriot’s .50 cal to the head, he should be terrified of what his masters will do for exposing their involvement.

Stavros Mellekas, big dummy who exposed the dirty work of his masters; a danger to himself.