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Free Treatment

The Department of Children and Families of Connecticut is giving out free treatment services to fathers caught up in protracted pointless litigation in obtaining a ‘no fault’ divorce. DCF’s own Nieka Thompson, a staff attorney, announced today that DCF provides treatment service to a dad who requires help recognizing the emotional needs of children impacted by expensive and drawn out family court litigation in which he employs kids as weapons of litigation maliciously seeking to erase mother from the lives of his children. The service does not involve kids or mom, just focuses on dad, provided by state social workers. The service is also termed a ‘treatment’.

Unfortunately, a search of the agency’s website revealed no matching description of this litigation treatment program disclosed by Attorney Thompson, who mis-labeled such treatment as Intensive Family Preservation Services, which is a crisis response program designed to avoid placing abused kids in foster care.

The selection criteria for this litigation treatment of a singular parent is obscure. It is provided free by the State to rich folk who hire expensive lawyers, live in big houses, have private medical insurance, etc. It is not offered to all parents suffering in family court, just a select single person has been identified as receiving this special State treatment which uses federal money.

Thompson stated that Christopher Ambrose of Madison, who has been abusing his three children and estranged wife for the last 20 months in litigation with his $500/hr lawyer is the first known recipient of this novel social service treatment. His expensive lawyer, Nancy Aldrich, from Westport did not respond to an inquiry regarding DCF treatment of her client, but finds emotional impact on children by the court to be profitable. The family court appointed GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz stated that the purpose of DCF involvement was for protection from false allegations of abuse against the father and is unaware of the emotional needs of her wards. The treatment of Ambrose started the first week in February, but no treatment protocols, efficacy, goals, medications or the like are published anywhere, like it is all made up. Treatment sessions are twice a week, but done on an outpatient basis.

The Department refuses to make this treatment available to all litigants suffering in family court. Equality is not a value of Commissioner Vannessa Dorantes. There appears to be an internal magic formula which transforms resources designed to protect children into undefined, undocumented, treatment programs for rich white gay males who are unable to obtain a divorce in less than a year.

Head of DCF legal services, Maureen Duggan, refused to comment on the department privilege which allows assignment of counseling/treatment programs to a marginal father like Christopher Ambrose. Head of Policy, Charlotte Shea refused to explain how Intensive Family Preservation Services can be skewed to apply singularly to a father who is hell bent on destroying all parent-child bonds in the name of protracted litigation. DCF Ombudsmen, Ann Adams was completely silent when asked how the agency could select a rich white gay male for crisis intervention on litigation stress when he has his own private health insurance, for which his primary care doctor prescribes no therapy, treatment, or medications.

Suffering from family court litigation? Need ‘treatment’? Are you white? Gay? Have a tendency to abuse kids? Need help destroying a family? Hate your spouse? Apply to Commissioner Vannessa Dorantes for free help!!! Need a recommendation for the program, call Chris Ambrose at 203 505 1889. DCF Service provider Skye Garofalo at 860 886-2641 can be asked for application forms for litigation treatment services.

Connecticut cares a lot!!