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Sandra Arenas

The chief of Blog legal department brings forth copy on Connecticut’s  Sandra Arenas, Special Associate Attorney General for something special, other than constitutional rights. Tong’s female, pigment, diversity, lesbian token sucks up over $180k of a state paycheck to spew domestic terrorism from Tong’s bully pulpit, being the Nutmeg’s Lawyer. Arenas is a replacement theory specimen, born to an uneducated Chilean immigrant hairdresser, Tong promotes her alien ineptness in a special leadership role to proving again a UCONN law degree is a worthless rag, just another alien ‘spic with attitude, no brains, who eschews First Amendment, free speech, redress, yada, yada, yada. Arenas falters by catching constitutional attention of Blog legal master’s sensitive nose for tyranny; government attorneys being bloglicious targets for sovereign scorn.

Arenas strikes out against First Amendment, claiming artful redneck vernacular directed at inept office staff cannot be tolerated! Cussing at ignorant, arrogant state employees who fail at simple job functions is not allowed in Tong’s gulag; Bill of Rights suspended! Arenas self-appoints her dumb fat ass as government censor of expression, criminal conduct under federal law, but par for the course for commie chink Willie Tong; peasants lack rights before yellow monsters. Arenas claims disliked speech heard by government is ‘harassment’, shouting ‘harassment’ again. She further makes false public statement that AAG Robert Deichert’s threat of sanctions against a pro se litigant pleading in federal rights, follows ‘all applicable statutes, laws, policies and procedures therein.’ Arenas has no clue, just lies thru her teeth. Diechert breaks federal law, violates Rules of Professional Conduct, fails to perform a simple legal job function, while representing sovereign people of Connecticut … but don’t let the professional practice of law interfere with Deichert’s thuggery, it is a Tong delicacy, as cohort AAG John Tucker employs the same ‘threatening’ tactic against another pro se litigant … smells like a conspiracy of federal criminal felony conduct! Tong luvs beating the peasantry, bonuses for drawing blood!

Blog aficionados note Arenas discloses Tong’s policy of bullying pro se litigants with THREAT of court sanctions, promoting thuggery, intimidation disguised in flawed legal opinion.  So slick, but so obvious to the most casual observer. One thing to be said about Arenas, she fucking stupid. Blog sources report Arenas got smacked for making false public statements, condoning errant AAG behaviour, unethical and criminal conduct, but too late, cat’s out of the bag, another example of nutmeg state incompetence, more work for Blog editors, who provide standard disclaimer: not makin’ this shit up!

Editor’s Note:  Tong’s conduct as Attorney General of  Connecticut pervasively criminal, a chosen traitor to the people and their Constitution, fundamental need of Second Amendment.

Arenas, Tucker, Deichert, Tong, conspirators in deprivation of rights. Threaten, intimidate, chill, oppress … all on taxpayer’s dime.


Feb 10, 2023, 1:33 PM

Good afternoon,

Thank you for your email below  I would like to also acknowledge the several calls made to our Office on Wednesday and today.  While we do appreciate calls to our Office, during your calls, you have harassed our staff, used profanity and called them derogatory names.  We cannot and will not tolerate this conduct. If you wish to communicate with our Office you may do so via email.  Also, please be advised that our staff you reference below continues to represent the State of Connecticut and are following all applicable statutes, laws, policies and procedures therein.


Sandra Arenas
Associate Attorney General / Chief of the Division of Consumer and Constituent Affairs

Office of the Attorney General
165 Capitol Ave, Hartford, CT 06106
Office: +1 860-808-5318 | Direct: +1 860-808-5401 |


How does AG Tong threaten pro se litigants with court ‘sanctions’ if a suit is not withdrawn? A bully tactic employed by Tong on behalf of the people of the State of Connecticut? Why not just send the State Police to break a finger or two? Deichert threatens a person in a federal suit where Tong has not filed an appearance. Tucker threatens a person in a state suit claiming the defamation complaint is meritless, but has not filed an answer nor a motion to dismiss. Who is promoting this ‘true threat’ of sanctions doctrine? Is Tong even aware that his thugs are making threats in the name of the court? Nunley plays similar games, moving to dismiss a federal complaint after notice to the plaintiff by the judicial department to seek relief in federal court. Brilliant display of incompetence, ethics violation and lack of integrity. Is this the professionalism purchased with state funds that Tong holds to be competent legal services? Or just fraud on an unsuspecting public?

As the ‘true threats’ are made in view of the court, should not Deichert and Tucker be summarily disbarred?

The sovereign people of Connecticut are appalled at such misconduct by state employees in the name of the State.

A professional response is requested.