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Tong’s Child Abusers

Highly paid demonic child predators employed by Connecticut Attorney General William Tong use public funds to promote child abuse and defeat efforts of a mother to protect her children. Meet Jessica Gauvin and Robert Deichert, pedophiles in the first degree.

Robert Deichert ($133k/yr) uses the staff of the special litigation department to file 116 pages of legalese to defeat a mother’s effort to protect her children from the emotional and psychological harm inflicted by unscrupulous state actors. Jessica Gauvin ($152k/yr) is the AAG for child protection matters in New Haven, who tells Judge Bernadette Conway that AG Tong ($110k/yr) does not give a shit about the isolation of Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer. Just fuck ’em. She would rather choke and die on a pork rind than lift a finger for three little rich kids being abused by jewish state actors and a pedo homo father.

Tong’s minister of propaganda Elizabeth Benton ($118k/yr), Director of Communications refuses to provide a statement, as to Willie Boy’s priorities to protect families and his vengeful enjoyment of battling a mother in two different courts to ensure she cannot hug her children. Tong hates women, prefers men. He relishes the thought of harming mothers and their children. Pedophiles are adept at severing the mother-child bond as part of the child conditioning to become sex toys for the ring. Tong does not want these kids to know any form of life other than brutal psychological and sexual abuse inflicted by deviants of his inner circle.

Benton is an expert spin master, covering for child predators, having done the same for pedo Senator Blumenthal. Pederasty runs deep in the deviant state of Connecticut.

What are a free people to do with monsters of government who abuse children with public funds? Even God knows that evil is not dealt with by tolerance and understanding. Will Tong, Deichert, and Gauvin get a .50 cal to the head? Tar and feathers? A headless float down the Connecticut River?

What to do with child predators? The Blog wonders.

Mia, Matthew, Sawyer, being attacked by Deichert and Gauvin, two child predators on Tong’s staff of pedophiles.
A 50 cal to the head goes a long way to eliminate child predators. The mark of an enlightened society.
Elizabeth Benton, spreading propaganda in protection of child predators.