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Judge Grotesque

Time for constitutional criticism of the nasty evil dykish Judge Jane Grossman of the Connecticut family court. In Amurika, all citizens can watch the Super Bowl, as it is played in a public forum. The Grossman court is also a public forum, of which all activities by all who appear are subject to scrutiny and ridicule by We The People. This annoys our beloved Jane to no end. She actually threatened a mother with bad things for sharing public information with the public on matters before the court.

Jane knows full well that her court is in the public domain, only a dykish jew suffering from undiagnosed mental delusional disorders would pretend otherwise. Judge Jane has isolated three kids from their mother since April of last year…280 days of imprisonment by abusive dad. The Mother is not a criminal, the state has not accused her of neglect or of being a harm to her kids, but Judge Jane has inflicted intentional emotional distress and psychological harm on the kids for no stated purpose. What goes on in Jane’s dungeon? Not the application of law, not the protection of rights, not the will of the sovereign people. Christians believe the children are sacred gifts from God, deserving of constant love and attention by their mothers. Obviously Judge Jane is not a Christian, nor does she hold any compassion for children, she probably enjoys pulling wings off of flies, as well. Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer have need to hug mom. Connecticut statute 46b-56(b) requires the court to ensure ‘active and consistent involvement’ of both parents, federal law defines forced isolation of children from a parent as child abuse. So what is Judge Jane doing? Inciting eminent lawless action by patriots? Is she begging for a .308 shot to the head thru two panes of window glass from an oath keeper, concealed in the woods behind her house? A quick .50 cal to the head, delivered thru the back window of her car? A good ole colonial tar and feathering, followed by a toss off the Middletown Bridge, followed by a headless float down the Connecticut River? The tree of liberty thirsts for a tyrant’s blood!!

Parent-child bonds are constitutionally protected under the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments. State interference requires strict scrutiny, properly brought by the State, not in a court of equity, but here only dykish ‘discretion’ is applied by Judge Jane, incidental to a simple no-fault divorce, a truly grotesque denial of rights under the color of dissolution law, a federal criminal act by a tyrant.

Judge Jane is begging for something. Jewdicial conduct which brings harm to children begs its own destruction. Casual review of the Ambrose case reveals Jane is a domestic terrorist, flaunts the law, abuses children, and inflicts psychological harm … does she have a death wish? Target for death rays from the space station? A conflagration by Jake Baker? The main roast for Gil Valle’s barbecue? Is she the devil incarnate or the anti-Christ herself? How does one kill the devil?

Jane serves no purpose in law or in humanity by ordering isolation of a child from a parent. There is no State interest. She works for the dark side, which has its own consequences. She has no place to hide and her court is being watched … closely.

Jane The Grotesque, abusing children from the bench under the color of state law, federal criminal conduct.
Grossman’s victims, Matthew, Mia, Sawyer
Needs blood!!!