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Target: Judge Patrick L. Carroll

The New Year is off to a great start. The Connecticut legislature is back in the Capitol and it is time again to play ‘whack a judge’! The greatest civic purpose of ‘we the people’ is to tidy up the government from time to time. No better place to look for dirt than the judiciary.

There are some new faces on the Judiciary Committee. Gone is the ugly chinachink William Tong, along with deviant side kick Paul Doyle. They have been replaced by Steven Stafstrom and Gary Winfield. Note that the previous chairs, chink and cracker, both lawyers have been replaced with sambo and cracker, where only cracker boy Stafstrom is a lawyer and works for the notorious evil, crooked, jewish law firm of Pullman&Comley. Cracker Boy Stafstrom will be well supervised by his uncle, fellow crook at Pullman, John Stafstrom. Remember that Pullman is the top law firm for child trafficking and home of pedo battle axe, the infamous retired Judge Annie Dranginis, along with child molester and profiteer, retired Judge Lynda Munro, the devil’s sister herself. Steve Stafstrom will be held in check by family court monster, child trafficker and professional GAL, ranking member Rosa Rebimbas, evil nasty childless cunt who makes money off of tormenting parents in family court. Old fat boy, pretend to be christian, child trafficker, GAL supporter, John Kissel is still there to do Satan’s bidding. See committee list here.

First Judge on the hit list this year is the dirty, deceitful, lying, backstabbing excuse of a human, Judge Patrick L. Carroll, III. This cowardly bastard got caught last year misusing his office in a last minute effort to prevent the demise of evil jewish judge Jane Emons. Yes, Patrick wants you to believe he was petitioning the legislature for due process of a vote for sister Jane, when he was really violating judicial canon and the separation of powers structure of the government. Paddy Boy had no business calling speaker of the house, Joe Aresimowicz on the last day of Jane’s term. He broke the rules. The judiciary has no business lobbying the House. Paddy is a constitutional terrorist and he needs to be given the boot. Connecticut needs not the lying sack of political shit known as Patrick Carroll. Time for him to join his girl Jane in retirement and send another message to the jewish overlords that the sovereign people of the state will decide who will wear black.

It is curious as to why Chief Justice Nigger Boy Robinson did not removed Judge Carroll from his position last May for the failure of Canon and political lobbying outside judicial duties. Surely an emancipated slave has no cause to uphold unconstitutional activity of his administrative judge. One flick of the pen and Paddy should have been gone. Perhaps Chief Justice Robinson is held powerless by the same jewdicial overlords who control Carroll. So much for the concept of a proper judiciary in the cesspool known as Corrupticut.

During this round of ‘whack a judge’ look for the jewish controlled media to write extensively to protect Paddy Boy and the second in the hit parade, Judge Anna Ficeto of Waterbury. These two are targeted for being debenched. Bring popcorn!!! When the vote gets to the House, watch the calendar get ‘adjusted’ and the judiciary cleansed of the filth therein. Karin Florin of the New London Day will be ready to spin the jewdicial mafia story on why Paddy Boy must stay on … jewish propaganda machine will be in overdrive.

The people and their elected representatives have had it with the child trafficking games of Connecticut family court. Patriots protect children, not profit from their deviant use. It is now political suicide for any elected official to take the floor to defend these monsters of evil. The knives are out, the benches need cleaning …. the tree of liberty is thirsty!

Judge Patrick Carroll master crook, target one for ‘whack a judge’