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Judge Omar A. Williams

Just a quick look at the ‘connections’ of Connecticut players who work together to hunt battered mothers across state lines.  The story of the false complaint by Georgia resident Matthew Couloute to the village K9 cop in Bloomfield CT is known.  Couloute is well connected former member of the elite state’s attorney office, a.k.a. prosecutor and center for public corruption.  Connections to Reuben Bradford and John Danaher help, as both previous Commissioners of the State Police; police and prosecutors always being pals willing to ignore the law to help out a friend in need of arresting an x spouse.  Bradford had taken Couloute to the NFL with him, where Bradford was a big guy in getting players out of police trouble.  Danaher, now a judge, has son who is the K9 cop who took the complaint from Couloute, without interference or review by police supervisors.

The judge that signed the arrest warrant based on the lies and omissions of K9 Danaher was Omar A. Williams, who was put on the bench by Governor Malloy in ’14, prior to being a corrupt judge Williams was a corrupt state prosecutor.   Brother Omar was looking out for brother Couloute and could certainly trust any felony arrest application signed by a dog handler from Judge Danaher’s family.  After all, Williams and Couloute have brotherly ties from being in the prosecutor’s club.

Start connecting the dots of the players who abuse the criminal justice system, abuse public funds and hunt battered mothers.  All ties go back to the State’s Attorney office with judicial, police support and extradition approval from Malloy himself.

Below a matrix of the arrest conspirators to identify the players.  Couloute complains to connected K9 cop with judge daddy Danaher who gets the green light hunt mother with felony arrest warrant from state prosecutor Kane who sends it to brother Williams then the Governor approves extradition to hunt down battered mom and drag the child back to Connecticut.  Team effort…..go nutmegs!!!

One might think that mom is the target, but the players are all working to protect the Governor and traffick a child.