Jew World Order

Time to recognize that the regime of Judge Elliott N. Solomon and his Talmud disciples are morphing the Connecticut Family Court into a mere jewish cesspool of goyim abuse.

The recent appellate court ruling in D’Amato, where the court has no time to hear the pleadings of a mother abused by the Talmud is the jewish stamp on the christian family.  The overlords of the appellate court, Robert Beach, Stuart Bear and Christine Keller are hoping no one notices that they overruled stare decisis of the State Supreme Court going back to 1924, as upheld as recently as 1998 in ruling of Ahneman which stated:

More fundamentally, basic principles of jurisprudence refute the plaintiffs proposition that a trial court has discretion, based on notions of judicial efficiency, to decline to exercise its jurisdiction by refusing to consider certain motions. Courts are in the business of ruling on litigants’ contentions, and they generally operate under the “rule essential to the efficient administration of justice, that where a court is vested with jurisdiction over the subject-matter … and … obtains jurisdiction of the person, it becomes its … duty to determine every question which may arise in the cause….” (Internal quotation marks omitted.) Amato v. Erskine, 100 Conn. 497, 499, 123 A. 836 (1924). This general rule is particularly important in the context of marital dissolution cases because of the likelihood of continuing changes in the parties’ circumstances requiring continuing dispute resolution by the court.

The irony is that the village idiot, Adelman, J., refused to hear pleading of a mother about her children.  Adelman does not give a shit about anything but money and little boy ass.  Mom goes to the appellate court where the three stooges laugh and fart, ignoring the fact that ninety two years earlier the state supreme court ruled in Amato that mother D’Amato had every right to be heard and that Adelman, J. broke the law and ignored the state constitution.

To decide a motion the court must hear evidence and then issue a memo of decision citing the facts upon which the court’s decision rests.  In the jewish talmud utopia of family court the rabbinical overlords ignore this requirement and just mark the motion DENIED without comment.  Translates to ‘fuck off, you don’t have money’.

Is the new jewish guard of Connecticut Family Court re-writing the rules on how the calves of the unchosen people will be trafficked?  The family courtrooms now mere cattle yards to heard the unsuspecting and seize their money?

Legal puppets of the jewdicial overlords like Alex J. Cuda, Esq. and his bald gay lover Yakov Pyetranker are paid to produce propaganda for the CT Law Tribune to amplify the treason of denying goyim access to the courts as guaranteed by the state constitution:

ARTICLE FIRST SEC. 10. All courts shall be open, and every person, for an injury done to him in his person, property or reputation, shall have remedy by due course of law, and right and justice administered without sale, denial or delay.

In plain view, we have evidence of tyranny, deceit and treason.  A judicial conspiracy led by the jews in black, supported by attorney saboteurs to defeat citizen’s access to the courts.  You don’t matter, neither do your kids and the court will not even hear you.

The construction to defeat Anheman(1998) and Amato(1924) came from our favorite bird brained nut job Judge Holly Abery-Wetstone.  She is the constitutional terrorist who defecated Strobel v Strobel (2001) upon the people by instituting bars to post judgment filings without her permission.  Lawyers in family court are so constitutionally and intestinally infirm that they dare not object to the Wetstone beast.

All that is apparent is that there is a conspiracy in the judiciary to defeat the rights of the citizens who don’t have lots of money for attorneys.  If you have money, you can litigate forever and Holly Wetstone will clear her calendar for you.  If you don’t have money she will bar you from access to the court.  Bunch of jew judges undermining the sacrifice of Patriots and the vision of the Founding Fathers.  But jews don’t give a shit about that.

Pretty slick.  You did not see that coming, did you?

Jew King Elliott Solomon Talmud Ruler

The Dark Lord Pedo Adelman