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GAL Immunity

The jewish game of protecting child traffickers with immunity is alive and well in the pedo capital of New England, the cesspool known as Corrupticut. David Dubinsky had a few scheckles in his pocket when the mother of his child, Miriam filed for divorce in July of 2012. Miriam got a good jew lawyer, not realizing her own family would become a feast for the vultures of the family Bar. Attorneys Shelia K. Rosenstein and Alexander H. Schwartz, two jews in a pod, teamed up to rape the Dubinsky bank accounts. Jews being jews, Rosenstein and Schwartz get sister jew and notorious conflict agitator Attorney Veronica Reich appointed as the Guardian Ad Litem. Nothing better for generating legal fees than a jew GAL, expert at doing everything except resolving conflict.

History aficionados of the family court will remember that jew Veronica Reich was the infamous GAL in Nowacki v Nowacki, where she filed a false post judgment motion on behalf of the Nowacki kids that they wanted sole custody to the bitch of a mother, Suzanne, where notorious jew Judge Jane Emons gladly accepted and drained over $500k out of the Nowacki family for something the kids never asked for. Corruption is the game in family court, kids don’t matter, only legal fees. Just ask Baby Aaden. So the jews plunder the Dubinsky family, playing the dummy mother Miriam into thinking it is about the law and the kid, draining cash one billable hour at a time. The jew GAL Reich knows her assignment and attacks dad like the rabid beast of Satan she truly is. No rules, no context, no law, no regulations, the jew GAL is the masterpiece of the zionist agenda that creates conflict where none exists and provides the un-reported, tax-free revenue on which the Bar and the family court judges gorge themselves. The perfect money laundering scheme put in place over the years with the guidance of fat boy Sen. John Kissel of the 7th District. But the jewish scam could not be protected if the gentiles could bring suit against these foot soldiers of Satan. Enter the queen Jewette Katz of the Supreme Court to bless the jew GALs with ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY!!! Nothing better to destroy ethics and Christian teachings than a jew with absolute immunity!!! Jewette the monster, by direction of her jewish overlords hands down Carrubba v Moskowitz, in 2005 to complete the master plan outside the realm of the sovereign people or their pathetic legislature. The court grants its own appointees immunity with the stipulation that parents will pay the bill; a most unconstitutional, illegal and mostly jewish trick played on the gentiles of Connecticut.

The power to confer absolute immunity on an office is held solely by the sovereign people and enacted through their elected representatives in the legislature. Justice Hennessy correctly stated in 2004 that “The immunity proposed for attorneys appointed to represent minors pursuant to § 45b-54 should be addressed to a lawmaking body. It is not the court’s office to legislate.” Justice Hennessy quoted case law from 1902 in support of this obvious fact of American government. Needless to say, his jewish overlords were not pleased with his jurisprudence. Nor could the jews who run family court accept the fact that the legislature (goyim) did not and would not provide the cash sucking GALs with ‘absolute immunity’, so they ordered Jewette Katz, Chief Jew of the State Supreme Court to provide what the sovereign people would not…..absolute immunity for court appointed Bar pets.

For the more technically inclined, Justice Hennessy cited Colchester Savings Bank v Brown, 75 Conn 69, 71 (1902), in Carrubba I, which simply states that the legislature holds the sole power to enact the laws, not the court. But when the jews can’t get their way by due process, by act of law, they simply use their control over the courts and their zionistic black robed terrorists to usurp the power of the people and impose the will of Satan upon the goyim. Simple jewish tactics.

Connecticut has the unique, unconstitutional construction that daddy Dubinsky is ordered to pay for the services of Attorney Reich, with the implication of a contract, that is completely thwarted by Jewette Katz blessing of absolute immunity in Carrubba II. Remember, Joette is the professional kike in black who calls family court the land of broken toys and refused to serve on the family bench even if were a condition of her release from prison. She prefers prison to serving on the family bench. She also thinks that this blog is the legislature’s source of antisemitism. See Jewette’s favorite blog articles here and here. Needless to say, Jewette is a mental retard with a ‘chosen one’ attitude that holds no place in American society. So Veronica Reich was free to go full on press as the jewish cunt job on daddy Dubinsky; malign, insult, demean, offend, ridicule … all with absolute Jewette immunity…so un-American, it can only be jewish in nature. She has the legal fees to prove the jewish game works!

So daddy Dubinsky, calling a spade a spade, a jew a jew and a scam a scam, filed suit against GAL Veronica Reich for being the jewish cunt that she is and acting improperly in a court matter. But, the jews, still in control, call on puppet judges Alvord, Bright and Beach of the rubber stamp appellate court to uphold the jewish decree that GALs hold absolute immunity and are free to abuse daddy Dubinsky in any jewish manner that pleases the jews; billable hours included. Needless to say, Alvord, Bright and Beach are protecting the slickest money laundering, tax evading, kickback scheme of the court system. Un-American, un-constitutional, absolutely non-Chrisitian, this kikery scheme deserves a medal of achievement on behalf of Zionism. The IRS never sees the payments, the jewdicial kickbacks are invisible, the special trust made between the attorney and the appointing judge does defeat the rule of law.

In the end, the jews triumph, again. Alvord, Bright and Beach hand down their decision, slamming daddy Dubinsky for trying to attack the jewish pit bulls of the zionistic family court. No law for the goyim, welcome to Corrupticut. If you walk into the jewish court of Corrupticut, you will be fleeced. No justice, no law, just your money…and the jews are behind it all. To prove how important the GAL scam is to judges, try not paying the GAL and see how fast you end up in jail by order of the judge who is waiting for the kickback; rather obvious.

From the Connecticut Law Tribune, by reporter Jason Grant.

Absolute Immunity Shields Lawyer Sued Over Guardian Ad Litem Role, Appeals Court Rules

The Connecticut Appellate Court panel wrote that the lawyer appointed guardian ad litem, who made a child visitation recommendation to a marital dissolution court, “is entitled to absolute immunity for any actions taken within her role as guardian ad litem.”

ByJason Grant January 14, 2019

A lawyer appointed guardian ad litem to a child in a divorce case was entitled to absolute immunity for parenting recommendations made in her role, and thus legal malpractice and other claims levied by the father fail.

A Connecticut Appellate Court panel has decided that various legal claims lodged by David Dubinsky against attorney Veronica Reich, a court-appointed guardian ad litem, and Reich’s law firm, must be dismissed because Dubinsky “has not pointed to any actions taken by Reich outside of her role.”

“Reich … was an attorney appointed by the court pursuant to [General Statutes] §46b-54.6,” the appeals panel wrote in its opinion. Under the state Supreme Court’s 2004 decision in Carrubba v. Moskowitz, “Reich is entitled to absolute immunity for any actions taken within her role as guardian ad litem,” the Appellate Court said.

The panel further rejected Dubinsky’s argument that Reich’s ad litem recommendations regarding child visitation and parenting arrangements went beyond the best interests of the child and thus fell outside guardian ad litem jurisdiction.

Instead, the panel indicated that Reich’s recommendations made to the marital dissolution court fit squarely within her role.

“The conduct that forms the basis of [Dubinsky’s] underlying claims is Reich’s recommendation to the court of supervised visitation between the plaintiff and his minor child, as well as her recommendation against the use of coparenting counseling” for Dubinsky and his now-ex-wife, the panel wrote in its decision, which has been published on the state Judicial Branch website but has a Jan. 15 official release date.

The panel continued, “Reich made these recommendations to the court while fulfilling her statutorily prescribed duties as guardian ad litem to the plaintiff’s minor child.”

Dubinsky’s lawsuit, filed in 2016 against Reich and the Shelton-based law firm employing her, Bai, Pollack, Blueweiss & Mulcahey, stated that in June 2012, shortly before the dissolution proceedings began, Dubinsky was arrested and charged with risk of injury to a child, third-degree assault, and disorderly conduct, the panel said.

As a result, criminal protective orders were issued by the divorce court that included one stopping him from seeing the child, Dubinsky’s suit also said, according to the panel.

But on Aug. 30, 2012, the protective orders were dismissed, and on Jan. 28, 2013, the state Department of Children and Families concluded that the charges against Dubinsky were not substantiated and there was no basis for a finding of abuse or neglect of his child, the panel recounted Dubinsky’s suit as alleging.

In his suit against Reich and her firm, Dubinsky further alleged that Reich nevertheless ‘‘continued to hold [the criminal charges and protective orders] against the [p]laintiff [Dubinsky], despite clear resolution in his favor,’’ the panel wrote, quoting from Dubinsky’s complaint.

Dubinsky said in his complaint that Reich ‘‘vindictively, intentionally and … recklessly’’ limited his access to his child, which he claims was contrary to the child’s best interests, according to the panel.

Dubinsky lodged causes of action against Reich and Bai Pollack for legal malpractice, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and negligent infliction of emotional distress, said the panel, composed of Judges Bethany Alvord, William Bright and Robert Beach.

In affirming Superior Court, Fairfield Judicial District Judge Dale Radcliffe’s 2017 dismissal of Dubinsky’s lawsuit, the panel pointed out that in Carrubba,our Supreme Court recognized that attorneys appointed by the court pursuant to General Statutes §46b-54 are entitled to absolute, quasi-judicial immunity for actions taken during, or activities necessary to, the performance of functions that are integral to the judicial process.”

The panel added that “Reich, as a guardian ad litem, was an attorney appointed by the court … [and] is entitled to absolute immunity for any actions taken within her role as guardian ad litem.”

Later in the decision, the court tossed back arguments made by Dubinsky that the grant of absolute immunity “allows unchecked abuses of power” by a guardian ad litem, violating public policy.

“There are sufficient procedural safeguards to protect against improper conduct by a guardian ad litem,” the panel wrote, including that he or she “is subject to the court’s oversight and discretion and may be removed by the court at any time,” and that “just as any other attorney, is subject to discipline for violations of the Code of Professional Conduct.”

Kenneth Votre, the attorney for David Dubsinky, could not immediately be reached for comment. Nor could lawyer Michael Keller, who represented Reich and Bai Pollock.