Family Relations Officers

Another scam lies beneath in the cesspool known as Connecticut Family Court.  Did you ever wonder why the court uses public money to hire feeble minded clowns to pass judgment on people’s families?

This money laundering operation takes public funds, pays child traffickers and produces ‘recommendations’ to the judge.  A Family Relations ‘Officer’, like hispanic uneducated and arrogant Alex Rosario has no expertise or business commenting on other people’s children.  This clown has no business even selling used cars to the public.  The state child traffickers give him a big office, a title of ‘officer’ to imply something terribly official, but he is a simple child trafficking moron, helping to promote the jewish agenda against the goyim.

Take a look beneath the surface to see how the judges control this wayward ‘spic and his so called ‘work’ as an employee of the state.  There is a job description for this so called ‘officer’.   It is not written by any HR professional.  It would be a criminal liability for any public corporation.  But it is perfect for Connecticut Family Court.  The giveaway of child trafficking is that officers like Alex are measured on their performance of trafficking children.  They are paid by the state to develop ‘confidence of the judge’.  The state pays these clowns to become confidants and pets of the jewdicial authority.

Now, how exactly does the manager, like deviant sexual misfit Margaret Rominak measure Rosario’s judicial confidence?  Does Rominak ask the judges for feedback on the ‘performance’ of Boy Alex?  Is this exparte control over state employees involved in court litigation, evaluation and recommendations disclosed to all litigants?  Of course not.  Is the public aware that the FRO is working to please the judge rather than protect children?  Is the public aware that salary increases and performance bonuses of the FRO are based on pleasing the judge?  Does the public know that the kids don’t matter, only the happiness of the judge by having ‘confidence’ in a clown like Alex Rosario?  This job description is an absolute joke on the taxpayer.

Note that the duties and job functions of the family services department of the jewdiciary are defined by the judges of the state supreme court…..masters over the child trafficking game.  See how the independent judiciary operates?  It controls everything, decides everything, defines everything…..just what the jews need to traffick the goyim.  The sovereign people have no power to protect the children.

There is no rule of law, if you had not already noticed.

Jew King Elliott Solomon Talmud Ruler


‘Spic who thinks he knows about other folks families. Just a jerk sucking up a state paycheck in service of the jews.