Jewdicial Efficieny

So you think that your constitutional right to access the court is a protected by judges in the State of Connecticut?  Boy are you mistaken!  The state constitution suggests in Article First, Section 10 that:  All courts shall be open, and every person, for an injury done to him in his person, property or reputation, shall have remedy by due course of law, and right and justice administered without sale, denial or delay.  But like everything in Corrupticut, all is not what it appears.  The Administrative Judges rule over the dockets before you ever get to court.  Cases are decided before the first hearing as the chosen ones in black robes manage the case load of the court for judicial efficiency, which is a code word for judicial bonuses.

Yes folks, the state government has a secret bonus program for judges.  This mysterious incentive program lurking beyond sight of the people is designed to reward the impartial, fair, unbiased, independent judicial authorities for clearing their dockets quickly.  Justice be damned, the court docket is being run like an assembly line under the dictatorial control of the judges.

Take our dear Baby Aaden, his case came up on the bonus radar of Middletown Administrative Judge David P. Gold.  The case would upset his bonus metrics if it was allowed to proceed in eating up the valuable court time reserved for revenue generation of the Family Bar members.  Gold gave directive to Judge Barry C. Pinkus to dispose of the case as part of the court’s management function.  As Gold and Pinkus are both jews, the bonus money is more important than rights of poor brown Christian citizens’ access to justice.  It is known as just-us to the jew judges.  The proper and efficient use of court time is not to be squandered on poor brown unwed Christian parents as there is no profit to the Bar on such a case.  Baby Aaden went splash so judges could maximize their bonuses to their wallets.

Bonuses?  Why are there state financial incentives to the judges to clear dockets, ram cases through the system?  Who created the bonus system?  How much is being paid out?  What are the metrics of the judicial bonus system and how does it prejudice your case?  The public only has to look at the games of Sen. Paul Doyle, Rep. Willie Tong, Sen. John Kissel and of course the evil Rep. Rosa Rebimbas, the ring leaders of the Judiciary Committee of ‘We the People’.  These four clowns are all lawyers, all members of the Bar, all controlled by the dark jewish hand of the Office of Chief Court Administrator Judge Patrick Carroll and his evil twin brother King Jew Judge Elliot N. Solomon.  All comes back to the jews.

Baby Aaden’s case makes perfect sense now.  In re-reading the transcript of the proceeding, the goal of Judge Pinkus was clear from the outset.  The outcome of the hearing was known to Pinkus before mom and dad even arrived at the courthouse.  Reading the transcript knowing that the order was already handed down from Judge Gold to get the case off the docket makes everything clear.  The father had violated the TRO, but Pinkus ignored the felony matter and tossed the parents out of court after a scolding, which was intended to obscure the directive from above to dump the case.  All is clear when the games of the judges are revealed.

So the next question is when will Doyle, Tong, Kissel and Rebimbas reveal to ‘We the People’ the prejudicial bonus game hidden within the third branch of government??  Financial rewards for trafficking children.  Or when will the people rise up and dispose of the lawyers on the Judiciary Committee that allow these jew criminals in black robes to undermine the Constitution and the rights of citizens?

Remember, jew judges like Joette Katz do not appreciate the oversight of the people and will use her bully pulpit of the CT Law Tribune to malign the people.  Time to declare these black-robed monsters constitutional terrorists, domestic enemies of the Constitution and enemies of the people.  There is a reason for the Second Amendment for which Judge Elliot Solomon and his jewish pals are begging as possibly the only way to redeem the courts in the name of the people.

Sic Semper Tyrannis!

Editor’s Note:  Courthouse gossip in Middletown exposed the bonus metrics and the directive from Judge Gold to Judge Pinkus to dump the case of Baby Aaden.  Walls have ears.  R.I.P. Baby Aaden, you were sacrificed by the jews, if only you had a trust fund.

Baby Aaden . victim of family court…sacrificed for jewdicial bonuses…..jews love $$$$.

Jew King Elliott Solomon Talmud Ruler….hands out $$$ bonuses to judges for dumping cases and clearing dockets in name of jewdicial efficiency.

Jew Judge Joette Katz claims jewdiciary is independent and people’s oversight is just anti semitism….a fucking terrorist she is.

Doyle jewdicial puppet, enemy of the people.

Rep. William Tong jewdicial puppet, enemy of the people.

Sen. John Kissel, jewdicial puppet, Chair Judiciary Committee

She devil of family court, jewdicial puppet, enemy of the people.

Judge Patrick Carroll master crook…jew puppet….a christian in name only.  Children are to be trafficked for lawyer profit.